Apple acquires 98 acres in Cupertino; doubles the size of main campus

“At a time when Apple is adding new workers almost as fast as it sells new iPhones and iPads, the pioneering computer maker has made a 98-acre land purchase that will roughly double the size of its home base in Cupertino,” Barndon Bailey reports for The Mercury News.

“Apple’s latest acquisition is the longtime Cupertino campus of rival tech giant Hewlett-Packard, the Mercury News learned Wednesday,” Bailey reports. “HP announced over the summer that it planned to move out of that site, which it had occupied for decades, as it consolidates operations at its Palo Alto headquarters over the next two years.”

Bailey reports, “It’s no surprise the company needs more room: In the past year, Apple reported $65 billion in sales and added 12,300 employees to its global work force of 46,600, many of them in Cupertino.

“Cupertino officials, who had been disappointed by HP’s departure, said they were thrilled that Apple will now be the city’s biggest landowner,” Bailey reports. “‘We’re very proud to have Apple’s headquarters in our city. It’s not just a company. It’s the company,’ said Mayor Kris Wang.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Taking over HP’s space in more ways than one.

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  1. “HP announced over the summer that it planned to move out of that site, which it had occupied for decades”

    Ehhh…so Apple will move into buildings that OLD??? I hope not…Apple build new hi-tech buildings pronto!

  2. I think HP has upgraded those buildings extensively over the years; they could probably be usable while further upgrades are made.

    Not bad for a company that was “dead” over a decade ago.

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