redsn0w 0.9.6b4 successfully jailbreaks iOS 4.2.1

“The unofficial iPhone Dev Team has released redsn0w 0.9.6b4, an updated jailbreaking utility for iOS devices,” iPodNN reports.

“The hack now supports iOS 4.2.1, which was launched on Monday,” iPodNN reports. “While v0.9.6b4 can jailbreak every iOS device, the convenience involved varies.”

iPodNN reports, “Either option should support the Cydia distribution system, as well as the MobileSubstrate framework.

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  1. You know I have never jailbroken an Apple device. But as time passes, I am beginning to understand why some people choose that path.

    Apple has always been a bit slow to roll out the full power of certain technologies. It’s almost as if incrementalism is part of their plan. Much fanfare! A little at a time!

    That said, I was really shocked that Apple actually released a print function with iOS 4.2.1 that allows printing on FIVE (YES FIVE) printers. Coincidentally, we installed a new HP high end network printer at the office yesterday. That surely isn’t on the list of five. A guess $2,000 corporate printers on a wireless network don’t count.

    So you have these quirky solutions like PrintBureau trying to fill the gap. Apple promised, we assured our users it was coming, then Apple didn’t deliver. I bet one of the apps installed on a jailbroken device will do what Apple promised but didn’t deliver.

    I am really disappointed with Apple this time.

  2. @David F.

    David, you know Apple’s iDevice’s are designed to up-sell people to Apple’s other high priced and high margin items like Mac’s.

    That’s why they are sort of short on features you come to expect, hoping you get a bit frustrated and just come in and plunk down a $1000 or more for a Mac and resolving your problems with a total “Apple” solution.

    If your on Windows, your frustration level is already high, this “iDevice halo effect” reduced feature set just add fuel to the fire.

    Jailbreaking is the only way to defeat this marketing trick, but then your worried about having to deal with a whole new learning experience, on forums with people you can’t quite trust and you might not be a “computer mechanic”. This also plays into Apple’s hands, they will shield you from the unknown, the hackers and the thieves, for more money.

    I get a rest when I’m on my Mac, but have to stress about everything when on my Windows or Linux box.

  3. I have used Macs since 1984. I have bought thousands of dollars worth of programs and yes pirated a few.

    My decision to Jailbreak and unlock my iphone3GS was because of AT&T not Apple. Though it is slower, TMobile is much cheaper all the way round, saving tons of money.

    As soon as Apple is on T-Mobile I will be legal but base on the latest very effect commercials i.e. Hot Chick on pink cycle while iPhone on scooter, I think that will be a long way off.

  4. @ Karlv

    How about us that pay $700+ for an iPhone in America and then move to another country (Australia) and can’t even use the device we own! That’s what pisses me off, especially when I call Apple and they tell me AT&T is preventing them from unlocking my phone for me, so I call AT&T and the tell me Apple doesn’t allow it. Someone is lying, and Apple has no reason to…

  5. @ Karl

    I am happy with Apple. That’s why I have an iMac, a MacBook and an iPhone 4. I still jailbreak though. Why? Because Apple isn’t perfect. SBSettings saves me time dipping in and out of menus and is an elegant bit of software. BiteSMS is what Apple’s messaging system really should be, but isn’t, and some of the alternative lockscreens out there are incredible, from the amazingly functional to the beautifully designed. And all these little design tweaks and improvements are free, and work perfectly with the Apple software/hardware. The jailbreak community aren’t cowboys – they’re some of Apple’s biggest fans.

    Apple are great and their industrial design is awesome, but as I say they’re not perfect. A jailbroken iPhone is, however, about as close to perfect as any mobile device can be at present.

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