Apple planning special event with News Corp.‘s Rupert Murdoch in December

Apple Online StoreRupert Murdoch, head of News Corp, and Steve Jobs are preparing to unveil a new digital “newspaper” called Daily which will debut recurring subscriptions paid through users’ iTunes accounts, according to Daring Fireball’s John Gruber.

Gruber reports, “My understanding is that this initiative is going to launch with a press event, with Murdoch (and perhaps other newspaper and magazine executives) joining Steve Jobs on stage. This is not going to be a quiet launch, to say the least… it won’t happen until next month at the earliest.”

“The date I’ve heard is December 9, but that’s a Thursday, which would be somewhat unusual for an Apple press event,” Gruber reports. “My guess is that they’re telling people December 9 but it might slip back to Tuesday or Wednesday the week after. Perhaps it will coincide with the opening of the Mac App Store?”

Full article here.


  1. To all you flaming liberals, hang on to your socialist ideas! More free-market (or evil capitalism) goods and services are coming via the iPad.

    This means more innovation, more money spent, more jobs.

    Surprise, surprise, nothing came from the Feds. However you liberals will need time to find a way to tax it to death.

  2. This will be big – with the usual Apple twist on an e-zine. The NYT had enough lead time but hasn’t come up with anything compelling (even a replica of the print edition would have been better).

  3. I agree, this is going to be big. It won’t be like anything we’ve ever seen. Apple usually takes on stuff like this when nobody else was able to deliver. I think the closest we saw was Wired. This won’t be a newspaper, magazine, tv show re-purposed, this will be unique and take advantage of what can be done with the iPad.

  4. How about an event that announces DAILY and a periodical subscription plan? Talk about flaming the holiday purchase flames. “Get your local paper delivered electronically every morning, TIME, Sports Illustrated, etc. Magazines delivered electronically every week, and read Daily only on the iPad.”

  5. I’ve already got the bases loaded with the
    Economist,Washington Post,Science,
    Sporting News Today,Rolling Stone,
    Macworld. Why would I need more mags
    or newspapers? Only 24 hrs in a day.

  6. I have Faux Newz on my cable and occasionally watch it for laughs. I guess it’s NewzCrap’s effort to by compliant with the Federal ADA. It helps the reality impaired and fact challenged find a sense of community.

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