OWC announces Black Friday-Cyber Monday specials up to 90% off

Other World Computing (OWC) announced today that Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special deals of up to 90% off will be available starting tomorrow, Wed., November 24 at: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/specials/, including discounts on the most popular OWC Blu-ray drives, USB Docking Solutions, Memory Upgrades, SSDs, DIY Hard Drive Kits, Video Display Adapters, iPhone/iPad cases, and much more. In addition, free shipping will be available on all orders over $145, with shipping as low as $1.95 for smaller orders and an instant OWC savings of up to $50 when customers select to pay by Amazon at checkout (in addition to Amazon’s savings of up to $40 when signing up for a Chase Amazon card).

Some of the OWC Black Friday/Cyber Monday Specials Include:

• iPhone/iPad/iPod: 90% off of select NewerTech protective cases & accessories.
• Memory: $99 for 8GB Memory upgrade kits (previously $119.99).
• SSD: Savings on OWC Sandforce Equipped Solid State Drive – up to 240GB from $89.00!
• DIY Kits: Up to 20% off select “DIY” Hard Drive Kits for laptops.
• Video Display Adapters: Up to 20% off USB to HD Video Display Adapters.
• Blu-ray Drives: From only $79 to add Blu-Ray + DVDRW/CDRW capabilities (for computers).
• USB Docking: Up to 50% off retail for NewerTech USB Docking solutions (2.0/eSATA, USB 3.0, and USB2/eSATA/FireWire 800).
• 802.11n Wireless Router/Access Points: special from $19.99
• 802.11g/n Wireless Adapters: from $9.99 (Mac or PC Wireless)
• And more. See http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/specials/ for full list of specials.

Source: Other World Computing


  1. OWC is great to do business with. I bought a memory upgrade for my Mac Mini some time back. One stick was D.O.A., failing the memory testing program. They had a replacement shipped out immediately, and problem was solved. Also the Mini is a bit tricky to open up, and they provided a superb video how-to.

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