Mac shipment growth outpaces PC market 3 to 1; Mac business sales growth nearly 8 times PC market

Apple Online StoreMac shipments are outpacing the PC market as a whole 3 to 1 and “in sales to business, the Mac’s year-to-year growth last quarter was nearly eight times faster,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Needham’s Charlie Wolf found lots of good news for Apple (AAPL) in IDC’s report on the state of the worldwide PC market for Q3 2010,” P.E.D. reports. “At 28.5%, Mac shipment growth in the September quarter easily outpaced the PC’s market growth rate of 9.7%… The Mac became the dollar share leader in the U.S. home market with a 29.4% dollar share… Mac shipments in the business market increased 66.3% compared with just 8.5% shipment growth in the business market overall.”

P.E.D. reports, “Notwithstanding its premium prices compared with Windows PCs, the Mac should continue to growth faster than the overall PC market, propelled by the multiple halo effects now emanating from the iPod, iPhone and iPad.”

Read more in the full article, with Wolf’s spreadsheets showing the Mac’s sales growth by market segment and region, here.


  1. I am sure an extra load of laundry needed to be done at the Ballmer and Dell households this morning after Steve and Michael crapped in the pants after seeing the Mac growth in government and business.

  2. The fact is that as long as Apple opens new stores they will continue to grow. Even if Apple’s numbers of ‘new to the Mac’ are inflated that doesn’t mean they are incorrect. The more stores Apple opens the more people they will have access to. This gives them an opportunity to educate potential new customers.

    The sales of everything will just continue to grow. People buying iPhones and iPods eventually bought another Apple device. Now with the integration of iOS into “Lion” I think we will see a lot of new users coming to the Mac. Add to that the Mac App Store and the halo just becomes all encompassing.

    It took 20+ years to grab hold but the right one got it right.

  3. No wonder Ballmer Sold a VERY LARGE qty. of his MSFT holdings….

    The best analogy and or comparison I can come with @ this point in my life when it comes to MSFT…..

    MSFT = Titanic

    The dumb ass monkey boy believes his ship is unsinkable.

    MSFT will be joining WANG before you know it.

    Happy Thanksging!!! It’s a good day to be a Mac User since 1984.


  4. Hate to spoil the excitement but a lot of this is based on IDC having much higher estimates of average selling price on Macs that Apple’s own report at the end of last quarter. If you use Apple REAL numbers, the Mac growth is nice but not nearly so great.
    Still, GO APPLE!!

  5. Are Macs premium priced or are PCs made from cheap, low end parts and plastic cases with low profit margins that are driving the generic box assemblers out of business?

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