Oprah: Apple iPad is my ‘number one favorite thing ever’

Apple Online Store“For those of you who have never watched Oprah’s ‘favorite things’ episodes of her show, the talk show host airs an annual segment each holiday where she lists her most desired products and subsequently gifts these things to her studio audience,” Leena Rao reports for TechCrunch.

“First off, she announced that the iPad is her ‘number one favorite thing ever,” Rao reports. “She says about the device, ‘words cannot describe how I feel for this device.'”

Rao reports, “She then gifted each member of the audience an iPad [275 people, according to Fortune]. We’re also not sure what type of iPad she’s giving her audience but because Oprah’s such a generous gal, we’re assuming it’s the $829 64GB with Wifi and 3G).”

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  1. Disgusting. Do something good with the money. She should give the audience a stack of cash and they must decide right there which charity to give it to. Instead those people who don’t look at all like they are hurting for money scream and cry and shake because their idol gave them a bunch of stuff none of them needed to be given for free.
    Words cannot describe how I feel for this disgusting person and her audience.

  2. The iPad is a very special device indeed. Oprah, whether you like what she thinks or not, is a thinker. The iPad is a device built from the ground up for thinkers.

    For as long as I can remember I’ve called computers “mind augmentation devices.” The iPad power and portability take that concept to a new level.

    I know I have mine with me from the moment I hear the first MDN “bloop” in the morning until I pass out reading on it at night. Throughout the day I use it for nearly everything that I might use a laptop for, unless I need sheer CPU horsepower. Then I go to my MacBook Pro.

    With 4.2 on it, fast app switching makes it even more useful. Email, VOICEMAIL, Voip, Faxing, writing, remote computer support, network monitoring, reading documents, books, using the web, and omg the news sources an apps for an info-junkie are just intoxicating.

    This is one area in which I completely agree with the big O. The sense of affection I get from my iPad is close to the way I felt about favorite toys as a child.

    There is no wonder that competitors cannot successfully copy it, because that’s all they can do is copy it. Everything we’ve seen so far has been nothing more than a copy and a mundane copy as best.

    I feel so fricking owned by Apple because even with their insidious method of feeding us a couple features per release (god knows this device should have had a camera to begin with) they know that it is so good that I will grumble and bitch down to the Apple store, grumble and bitch while standing in line, and grumble and bitch while buying iPad 2.0.

  3. I don’t watch her as she is not “my favorite thing”, however I did that day out of curiosity and noticed she is a big Apple user as well as her staff so all in all it’s good PR for Apple considering she has a huge following and generates alot of business for Apple products.

  4. When iPad 2.0 does appear, by the way, the current iPad will become the most sought after hand me down in history me thinks. I’ve already got people asking, “What are you going to do with your existing iPad when the new one comes out?”

    And I actually put thought into it. Who will I influence most by handing down my existing iPad? I know a certain anti-Apple office manager that needs a mental adjustment that the iPad is oh so good at triggering.

  5. It would be my favorite thing too if I wasn’t required to buy an HP printer to work with it. You’d Apple would at least support AirPrint with their own AirPort base stations.

  6. Oprah has earned the right to do WTF she wants with her money, whenever she wants to do it.

    A woman of color becomes one of the most powerful persons in the world and she does it in America. That’s like swimming the English Channel with both hands tied behind your back.

    You go girl!

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