Did iOS 4.2 update seem to hose your iPhone’s media? Here’s a quick fix

“After you update to the new OS, if you load the iPod app, you may see a message stating that your currently have ‘No Content’ on the device,” MG Siegler reports for TechCrunch.

“The way to fix it is apparently to plug your iPhone back into your computer, play a song from the iPhone on your computer, and then sync,” Siegler reports. “The process is very quick because it doesn’t actually have to transfer all that music again, it just makes it recognize that it’s already there.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This happened to our iPhone 4 units after updating to iOS 4.2.1 and the fix above worked as described. The media is still there on your iOS device, this just seems to jog things. It’s much faster than transferring all of your media again.


  1. Apple has been getting quite sloppy lately. Hopefully they start focusing resources on QAing releases, and stop rushing them out before they are ready. Any amount of basic testing of releases should have caught this issue.

  2. I always sync before and after an update. And for the iPad you need to to get iWork updates which won’t come over until you have 4.2.1
    Apple is not getting sloppy with QC, I updated an iPad, two iPhones (4 and 3G) and a Touch with no errors although it took 3 hours (mostly downloading time)

  3. I saw the same thing on 2 of my 3GS phones, but all I did was sync (didn’t play a song first). All it did was update the phone with a song or 2 that it didn’t already have… didn’t copy everything cause it was already there.

  4. I updated two iPhone 4’s and an iPad and had no problems at all. Did at first think something was wrong as I had Airplay for films and music but not for photos but that appeared once I had updated the ATV. I’m one very happy little bunny now!!

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