Skyfire pulls ‘iPhone Flash’ app from Apple’s App Store

“Skyfire launched its app that plays Flash video on the iPhone one day early, but it didn’t expect to pull the app off Apple’s App Store so soon,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney. “After just five hours on the market on Wednesday, Skyfire stopped selling the app, as its servers were overwhelmed. The company said it was frantically working to increase its server capacity and would be selling another batch of the applications ‘very soon.'”

“‘Skyfire has historically generated high demand for its browser products but nothing like this,’ said Skyfire CEO Jeffrey Glueck in a prepared statement. ‘It was hard to predict consumer demand since this was our first paid app, but we were blown away by the demand and sales.’ [With Skyfore], when users click on a page that contains Flash video, Skyfire’s servers download, render and translate the video into a video standard that Apple’s iOS devices support,” Goldman reports. “Skyfire then displays a thumbnail that users can click on to stream the video from its servers.”

“The app became the top grossing application in Apple’s App Store Wednesday and the third most-downloaded paid app,” Goldman reports. “The company also makes a similar browser for Android devices, which have been downloaded about 1.5 million times since it launched on the Android Marketplace in late April.”

Goldman reports, “The story of Skyfire’s overwhelmed servers is similar to that of Flipboard, a highly anticipated, glowingly reviewed, social media aggregating iPad application that crashed the company’s servers just hours into its debut on the App Store. Flipboard created a waiting list, and it took the company more than a month to get everyone access to the app.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Develop only for Android and your servers are safe. (smirk)

As we said on Tuesday regarding this app: “Enabling incompetent/ignorant/lazy/cheap purveyors of web video is no substitute for having them do it right in the first place. Get with the program: Stop using Flash. 120+ million users can’t see your videos and most aren’t about to pony up $2.99 to a third-party in order to work around your incompetence/ignorance/laziness/cheapness.”


  1. @Predrag

    I have young kids, who do play those games daily on my Macs, would like to at least have the option to let them use an iOS device as well.

    Yes it may suck battery, but let that be the users choice of how they would like to deal with it, not force non compliance from overlord Jobs.

  2. “Recent stats obtained by one of those research companies (NPD, Gartner, whichever) indicates that among commercial content sites (and I’m not talking about old ladies’ crocheting societies web sites), more than half of them have already deployed their content in HTML5.”

    That is interesting, because at this point, Flash is supported by WAY more browsers than HTML5. True, recent browser updates are adding support for HTML5. However, if you take into consideration how slow the Windows community is when it comes to updating their software, you can see that HTML5 penetration in the consumer market is still quite small.

    That’s turning money away as well.

  3. @ERK

    as a flash developer for over 15 years..
    the web is not 70% flash….you mean 70% of flash media on the web is porn or ads…

    can you honestly say the web is 70% flash with a straight face? if so you are more delusional than the Tea Party crowd.

    trust me flash is a dead technology, the last time i was paid for a decent flash project, that didn’t involve video conversion for porn or chunky web-browser crashing ads, was a quite a few years ago.

    Adobe buying Macromedia was the final nail in the coffin. Flash is the Jersey Shore lil brother to its more refined Director older brother.

  4. Just because something is widely used does not mean it should be maintained. Flash should stand on it’s own merits. It is outdated, cumbersome, and proprietary. Just because it is everywhere doesn’t mean it should slow everyone down.

  5. I used to be one of those bashing apple for not supporting flash.

    Then I read an article on the flash performance hit, I replicated the article on both my mbp and my pc.
    Now I understand why flash is bad.

    I did have a flash player on my old jailbroken iPhone 3G. It was nice to play flash, but it did make the iPhone slow.
    But play the same content in HTML 5… No hit.
    Even Microsoft likes HTML 5 over thier flash wannabe silverlight.

    Apple called it what it is, they were right.

  6. The guy who wrote these comments for MDN I must say is an idiotic obvious Apple diehard fan. What a bunch of crappy comments , it just shows the stupidity of his thinking. I am ashame that such comments can be written and for your info I am a Apple FAN – having 3 MACS, iphone and ipad. If people want to use flash it is their right and choice. DO NOT insult and degrade those who do. You are not the smartest guy and infact I find your comments darn stupid

  7. Dude, you are such a troll faker. Nobody who really uses a Macintosh (Mac) would write it in all caps, cause thats not how its done. Not only that, you even screwed up the plural, which wouldn’t have a capital S

    Poser, faker, troll, astroturfer, crawl back to mommy’s basement with your trash PC

  8. @erk

    Your quote:

    “…no flash on the iPhone is retarded…”

    No flash on iOS isn’t retarded, it’s brilliant. iOS is a mobile platform and all mobile devices are limited by battery power. Consumers want more battery life out of their mobile devices and Flash drains that power immensely. It also just doesn’t perform very well on mobile devices and has huge security flaws. Flash is dying and anything to put it out of it’s misery is a good thing.

    Besides, Apple does give you a choice to play Flash content on mobile devices. It’s called…buy a different product! Flash isn’t on iOS for legitimate reasons and those reasons have been plainly laid out by Steve Jobs and Apple…repeatedly.

    If you don’t like the reasoning then why are you using Apple products? Because they are superior to the competition. The competition gaining the abortion that is mobile Flash doesn’t change Apple’s superiority, otherwise you would be using an Android device and complaining about the huge security holes in your device.

  9. @Erk,
    I have yet to find someone who has successfully installed the Flash plug-in on their Android phone. I helped a co-worker do it last week and despite selecting the correct version of Android the phone was running on Adobe’s site, it wouldn’t download or install.

  10. Still no Flash on the iPhone. This is a rendering service, who think they’ll make money charging a flat price to serve unlimited use. Unless they slip some ads into the stream looks like bad math to me.

  11. What is wrong with the tea party? Why does everyone have to put then down. At least they have the right ideas. I sure don’t see rep or dems doing any good for the most part other then dragging things down and taking over public companies.

    This is all about computers here bot political.
    Flash sucks by the way most of the flash I have seen is ads or intros to a website because they feel I guess having some fancy intro will get you to buy more or something.

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