Steve Jobs sends new iPod touches to 33 rescued Chilean miners

Apple Online Store“Chile’s 33 newly rescued miners recovered from their ordeal on Thursday while also pondering the celebrity status they have gained following a more than two-month entrapment deep under a remote desert,” Cesar Illiano and Terry Wade report for Reuters. “Most of the miners were found in surprisingly good health considering that they had been stuck in a wet, hot, collapsed mine tunnel since August 5.”

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“Miner Edison Pena, a fan of Elvis Presley, got an invitation from Graceland to visit the museum dedicated to the rock and roll legend in Memphis, Tennessee,” Illiano and Wade report. “‘We heard on the news that he’s a huge Elvis fan,’ Graceland spokeswoman Alicia Dean told Reuters.”

“Real Madrid and Manchester United invited the miners, many of whom are avid soccer fans, to watch them play in Europe,” Illiano and Wade report. “A flamboyant local singer-turned-businessman has given them $10,000 each, while Apple boss Steve Jobs has sent them all a latest iPod and a Greek firm has offered an islands tour.”

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MacDailyNews Note: According to our sources, the iPods are top-of-the-line 64GB iPod touch units.


  1. @Skimpy,

    Maybe Steve was thinking of the miners being able to listen to music while they work.

    Does monetary value really mean more than the gesture itself. I don’t get it. The iPod touch has Facetime, iPads do not. He sent them something that he thought they’d enjoy.

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