Apple takes steps to curb rampant iPhone 4 scalping in China

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “Apple has ceased direct sales of its iPhone 4 at its retail outlets in Beijing and Shanghai and is only accepting online orders in order to curb rampant scalping, just 13 days after the company launched it in the mainland,” China Daily reports.

“Customers lined up continuously in front of the four Apple stores in the two cities after Apple launched the popular handset in the mainland on Sept 25,” China Daily reports. “The popularity of the iPhone 4 gave scalpers golden opportunities, who hired people to line up outside Apple stores and charged an extra 600 yuan per device. According to a report in the Shanghai Morning Post, the Sanlitun Apple store closed on Sept 29 due to scalping activities.”

China Daily reports, “Apple China announced the new rules for purchases of the iPhone 4 on its website on Thursday. Customers have to pre-order the phone online with their real name and pick it up from Apple outlets with their identity card or passport. Each customer can only pre-order one iPhone 4 per day, discouraging scalping.”

Full article here.


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