Apple orders additional 1 million iPad touchscreens per month

Apple Online Store“Cando, a subsidiary of AU Optronics, is scheduled to start shipping 9.7-inch touch sensors for Apple’s iPad from its newly reformed 4.5G production line in September-October 2010,” Susie Pan and Yvonne Yu report for DigiTimes.

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“Overall output of the newly reformed 4.5G plant will be mainly for iPad touch sensors with a monthly capacity of almost one million units,” Pan and Yu report.

Pan and Yu report, “The company noted that the 4.5G line will start volume production of several products with sizes ranging from 10- to 12-inch, mainly for medium-size capacitive touch panels for tablet PCs.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Hardship everywhere. Apple applied touch screens to their user interface and products and the world can’t make them fast enough. What is a company to do with many BILLIONS in the bank and demand out stripping the worlds manufacturing ability.

    May a USA companies suffer from this problem.

  2. Apple’s got the formula right again with the iPad. In a way I’m suprised it has done so well but then my wife checked it out at a store and said she could easily use this instead of her macbook. For people who mostly browse and email it is the perfect machine. The improved battery life also means it needs a wired connection less often.

    What most people did not anticipate is that the netbook market would take such a hit.

  3. My parents are both mad for theirs. I’m guessing they will be buying a second one before long, since they fight over the one they have. If *my* computer-phobic parents are this excited, and it works so well for them, Apple certainly did something right.

    And as soon as the iPad has Retina Display, I’ll be buying another one too…

  4. A computer is a tool. An iPad is a blank slate. When I’m on my computer I’m always aware that I’m using it. When I’m using an iPad, it’s invisible. I’m reading. I’m listening. I’m playing. I’m messaging. I’m writing a novel. I am completely unaware of the device. That’s genius!

  5. And some day…

    When Apple sees the need to increase hardware sales, it is even possible to license the iPad or similar designs to run on other OSs.

    Heresay! But sooner or later as noted by a previous poster, everyone realizes Apple has created a “blank slate” and that such a device could run any “PadOS”.

    Of course that could be 10 years from now. Given that Apple plans 10 years out, I would not be surprised to see them as a wholesale supplier of bullet-proof hardware at some point.

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