Nokia chairman Jorma Ollila announces exit

InvisibleSHIELD.  Scratch Proof your iPhone 4!“The shakeup at Nokia continued on Tuesday as the Finnish mobile phone maker announced that its chairman, Jorma Ollila, would be stepping down in 2012,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney.

MacDailyNews Take: Hoist that SOS flag before you jump overboard, will ya, Jorma?

Goldman continues, “The announcement comes on the heels of Monday’s resignation of Nokia’s smartphone business chief Anssi Vanjoki. The revolving door of executives started turning on Friday after Nokia said it had hired Microsoft Corp. executive Stephen Elop to replace Olli-Pekka Kallasvuoits as chief executive.”

MacDailyNews Take: SS Nokia. Dispersing Rats.™

Goldman reports, “Ollila had served as chairman for 14 years and oversaw the company’s rise to the top of the mobile pyramid. But he also witnessed the Nokia’s recent inability to keep pace with rivals like Apple… Shares of Nokia (NOK) have tumbled by about 70% since the iPhone was released in the summer of 2007.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You could walk across the Gulf of Finland today on the backs of ex-Nokia rats.


  1. The only question is whether Nokia will find a way to compete in the smartphone market, or if they will stick with basic feature phones. The market has moved so fast, and Nokia has been so slow to respond, I wonder what they can do…

  2. Wait a second- he still has AT LEAST another year and a quarter before he goes (and they didn’t say WHEN in 2012 he was leaving, so he could be there another 2 years.

    I guess they’re in no rush to get rid of him after all. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Mark my words Microsoft will announce a partnership with Nokia who will phase out symbian in favor of Windows 7 giving Microsoft instant play time in mobile communications and access to vendors around the globe.
    It is the smart move

  4. Chairman Ollila could have picked a better time to leave than on the back of OPK. And disappointment aside, what kind of employee is Anssi, if he puts his personal desires ahead of the company’s needs?

    Isn’t this very moment, when Nokia needs as much leadership as they’ve ever had? What kind of leadership are Anssi and Ollila exhibiting by bailing, now?

    Nokia’s smartphone share has come down from over 60% a couple years ago to about 40% now, but that’s a false distinction since most people who get Nokia S60-based smartphones are not even using them like a smartphone. Might as well call Japanese feature phones, smartphones, since they use them more like smartphones.

  5. One last thing, the next thing you should expect from Nokia is rumors of either a purchase, a partnership, or a sale. That’s what desperate companies do, like putting a bandaid on a gushing artery. I expect noises about Microsoft sniffing about to start soon. Nokia is not worth that much more than Yahoo! was when Microsoft was trying to buy them. Two companies without a coherent market strategy is a formula for a hookup.

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