Apple’s revolutionary iPad damaging PC, DRAM sales?

Apple Online Store“Samsung Electronics, the world’s top memory chipmaker, warned of an oversupply in the computer memory chip market from next quarter as a sputtering global economy may further weaken PC sales,” Baker Li and Miyoung Kim report for Reuters. “The downbeat comment from the South Korean firm raises concerns the boom in the DRAM sector may be nearing an end.”

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“Prices of DRAMs, widely used in computers, have turned weaker since July after an unusually strong first half, as PC demand growth lost momentum and as the European debt crisis threatens to further weaken sales of computers and other consumer goods,” Kim and Li report. “PC sales are also taking a hit as consumers delay purchases and opt for smaller tablet computers, which use fewer DRAM components than desktops and notebooks.”

Kim and Li report, “The new device is gaining popularity after Apple introduced iPad and vendors such as Samsung, Nokia, LG Electronics and Dell are rushing to get a piece of the emerging market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “New device.” Microsoft’s been trying to make Tablet PCs since 2001. As usual, it took Apple to show everyone how to do it correctly. Now the knockoff parade begins. Hopefully this time Apple’s IP gets the legal protection it deserves.


  1. Interesting that the company that fired up its copiers fastest is now realising that it wasn’t a good idea to do so without first clearing off inventory or at least slowing the assembly line down.

    This is what happens when companies do not have a road map or do not stick to it, they jump at every shadow whether it is a verified threat or not and thereby expose themselves to even worse issues than stock piling of inventory, lawsuits that could seriously impact on the companies stock.

    Is it not enough that they have a massive contract from Apple inc to suppliment any possible short fall from their core sales?

    They now face a double whammy lawsuit from Oracle and Apple inc should they both win their lawsuits against Google & HTC.

    They should save all the money from the knockoffs into a high interest account that they can turn over if they end up on the loosing end, this would serve to mitigate a bear run on their stock.

  2. Don’t get my posting wrong. I have always advocated strong competition for Apple inc. to keep them on the cutting edge. But strong competition should come from harnessing the creative thinking of “the crazy ones”.

    When Apples rivals realise that investing in R&D is the only way expand ones IP portfolio, that will be the day that we as customers finally start getting value for what we pays for.

  3. Once Apple puts the Print in the next OS upgrade for the iPad, why would anyone want a crapy netbook. Those are gone like the 8 Track and Transistor radios are gone. Anyone seen a Walkman lately.

  4. “Don’t get my posting wrong. I have always advocated strong competition for Apple inc. to keep them on the cutting edge.”

    Why do people insist on saying this? It may be true if you are talking about hamburgers, but not Apple. Apple competes with Apple. Nobody else. They aren’t even in the same ballpark. I can’t imagine Steve Jobs giving a damn what MS or Google are doing.

  5. Does anyone know how Google, HTC and the other handset makers are able to get away with a touch interface? I remember Jobs saying at the original iPhone keynote “and boy have we protected it” or something along those lines. What am I missing here?

  6. @RicMac, SJ does give a damn about Google & M$,
    Why the “I am a PC & I am a Mac” campaign?
    Why the lawsuit against HTC?
    Why bother to protect Apples IP against everyone via the patent system?
    Why bother to sue Shyster?
    Why bother to enter existing markets that Apples rivals are in e.g iPod V. walkman & all other MP3 makers, iPad V. Netbooks, iPhone V. all other mobile phone makers, Ping V. faceturd, iTunes V. CD’s, Apple tv V. utube, netflix, boxee et al, Safari V. other browsers, iOS4 V. websearch engines.

    As you can see from the above few examples, Apple have seen what is out there, put alot of thought into those products & have come up with a better simpler solution. Something may have happened eventually but not as soon if other business that got there first had not botched up by keeping their eye on the profit margins rather than what their customers wanted.

    Apple inc. is light years ahead of everyone when it comes to customer oriented products.

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