Microsoft debuts Windows Phone 7 teaser ad (with video)

“Microsoft has posted its first teaser video advertisement for the upcoming Windows Phone 7,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider. “The one-minute ad, posted on the official Windows Phone UK YouTube channel, was created for a Secret Cinema showing of ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’ and spoofs the iconic mirage scene from the film.”

Ong reports, “Microsoft is expected to spend over $500 million on marketing [Windows Phone 7] at launch.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Way too little, way too late. Where’s cut, copy, and paste? Where’s the multitasking? Where’s the compass API? Where’s the VPN support? Where’s the unified inbox for email? Where’s the HTML5 support? What is this, 2007?

Android Microsoft. Never do with one button that which you can do with four three.™


  1. Hey Microsoft, how about fixing the problems with windows 7 OS on computers before moving the problem child to phones? Crappy software makes for crappy hardware………. Oh, and the commercial…….. not even CLOSE to stirring up any excitement. Except for us iPhone owners who need a laugh!!!!!

  2. Ok, this is marketing for very old people that watched Lawrence of Arabia or for an Arabian market share. Wasn’t the turd brown Zune marketed to the off road bikealists? Did they not learn anything?

  3. Did they film that in the back lot of Joe’s Junkyard? What is with the tire tracks, trash, and even a tire in the “sand”? That is one of the worst settings for such an ad that could be imagined. Oh, wait, it does probably fit well and mirror the product itself. Never mind.

  4. Actually, if you take a look at the UI, it’s original (not a copy), fresh and pretty cool. They’ll sell a bunch of these, no doubt. And if they make it easy to program with, you can guarantee that there are a league of developers who would love to program against it.

    I wouldn’t knock it quite yet.

  5. Wow, David Lean and Stanley Kubrick’s family should sue them. That was not an homage but a ripoff. Plus, is Microsoft saying that an Arab Revolution is coming?!? A Holy War?!? A Jihad?!?

    They should just go back to Zuneville.

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