Apple iPads takeover CNBC’s Fast Money set (with stills)

MacDailyNews reader “Joe Architect” alerted us to flip on CNBC a few minutes ago and we noticed right away that Apple’s iPads have taken over the set on CNBC’s “Fast Money” set. They may have been there for some time, but we just noticed them today:

Nice to see that the Apple logos are all nicely oriented into proper position, too!

CNBC’s “Fast Money” website is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]


  1. It’s not free placement for Apple. It’s called Product Placement. Apple pays xx dollars to have their products placed within the shots. All companies do this to get their products noticed. Used to work for Coke and before large televised events, we would send people out with cases and cases of coke products to trade out spectators ‘other’ brands of beverages so the coke family products would be visible if caught on air. We spent 1000’s of dollars doing this, trading a can of diet coke for a can of ‘other brand’- even if that ‘other brand’ of beverage was empty, the person would get a new can of Coke product.
    Apple does this as well, it catches the attention of viewers… ah, I saw on CNBC that they use iPads, maybe this item is for real… I should look into it.
    Cheap marketing that really works.

  2. It has long been “common knowledge” that Apple never pays for product placement. Just as they have never made a push to get products to enterprise customers, when they appear it just happens.

    Several years ago SJ was quoted as saying on the subject of aggressive promotion, to paraphrase, “Some day they’ll figure it out.” It seems that that day has arrived. Apple has acknowledged that a majority of Fortune 100 companies are exploring the use of the iPad in their businesses. They are likely to fall under the halo effect and start looking at computers as well. Blackberry is already noticing the presence of Apple on their turf.

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