Apple iPads takeover CNBC’s Fast Money set (with stills)

MacDailyNews reader “Joe Architect” alerted us to flip on CNBC a few minutes ago and we noticed right away that Apple’s iPads have taken over the set on CNBC’s “Fast Money” set. They may have been there for some time, but we just noticed them today:

Nice to see that the Apple logos are all nicely oriented into proper position, too!

CNBC’s “Fast Money” website is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]


  1. People don’t believe me, but the iPad is going to dominate the slate category the same way the iPod dominated the mp3 player category.
    This slate market is very, very different from the cell phone market where Apple had to compete against other major players already churning out tens of millions of units and had to deal with the prehistoric telcos.

    In the slate market, no one has established themselves even selling millions of units and Apple doesn’t have to futz around with the telcos in the same way. And thanks to the iPhone, the iPad already has a huge app/eBook/peripheral/media store ecosystem ready to go. The competition still has nothing and Google wants the tablets to run Chrome not Android–i.e. no app store, all web apps.

    Add Facetime cameras and “boom.”

  2. I spotted that last week. I assumed they are plugged into the keyboard / charger stands and the users just pull the iPad out and plug it into where they sit next or carry it with them. It is a good idea. Good to hold while interviewing. Should be even better with the next software update so they can run multiple apps and jump around between apps by pressing the home button twice like the iPhones do now.

  3. They’ve been on there for weeks already. Joe Teranova was the first one to bring it onset and I believe the others are supplied by CNBC. Joe’s is the only 3G one I’ve seen. I rarely see them looking at them, although Dr. J. was actually using it a bit last week. At least 3 of the regulars use iPhone’s. Apple is often a subject of conversation and most traders are usually bullish.

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