Why an iOS-powered Apple TV is a very bad idea

Apple Online Store“By now you’ve probably heard that Apple has scheduled a press conference for September 1st,” Chris Seibold writes for AppleMatters.

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“What do people imagine will happen to the Apple TV? They imagine it will be renamed the iTV and run iOS, the same OS that runs the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod touch,” Seibold writes. “The benefits of such a change are immediately obvious. Apple will sell more apps, people already know how to use iOS so there is no learning curve and Apple can make everything more integrated. The idea is perfection encapsulated, a no brainer, the easiest move in the world, right?”

Seibold writes, “How do you use any of the apps? How do you fire up, say, the Weather app? In iOS you touch it. Chances are your TV doesn’t have a touch sensitive screen. So you can’t launch the app by touching it… In short, expecting Apple to come up with some kludge to make a remote act like your finger on your non-touch screen TV is too much to ask.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Devil’s Advocate disclaimer: Apple iTV requires Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch or optional Apple iTV Multi-Touch Remote for iTunes App Store app use. iTV works best with iPad, but also works well with an iPhone, iPod touch or Apple iTV Multi-Touch Remote (sold separately).


  1. It seems rather stupid to me to gripe about what one imagines an unannounced product is going to be like. Apple’s very good at UI design; there’s no reason to think they’re going to botch it in the next version of any of their products.


  2. I currently don’t use my original Apple TV remote. I use either of the four iPhones in my house or my iPad. It’s very intuitive and there is no more where is the remote crap. I put the Apple remote app on my wife, daughter and sons iPhones. They all knew how to use it without any form of tutorial from me. So it should be simple to do if there is an iOS interface for the Apple TV.

  3. Some just don’t get it. It’s an Eco system. iTV won’t need it’s own remote (or retro-fitted 40″-60″ touch screen).

    Apple TV hasn’t caught my wallet in the past, bit something tells me it will this time!!!

  4. I had the same thought a few days ago. Putting a touch-based OS on a non-touch screen seems just as disingenuous as putting a full PC OS on a phone or tablet. Now, with a multitouch remote? Still seems like that would be a bit cumbersome, but Apple could definitely pull it off gracefully by some means that we probably haven’t thought of yet (there’s a reason that they’re Apple engineers and we’re not). I guess we’ll find out Wednesday.

  5. Why does this asswipe moron even write such a ridiculous piece of shit article? He gets the dumbass award for the week.

    Seibold, you imbecile, you couldn’t get flipping burgers right you so damn stupid.

    Duhhhh, duhhhhh, ummm, like, you know, like, like, ummmm, apps wont work on a, you know, ummmmm like, like a TV. Ummmm.

  6. So this doofus guesses what Apple may do in the future, then guesses again on how they will execute what he guesses they will do, then proclaims that his guesses are a bad idea.

    Is that about right?

    John C Randolph has an excellent point that is constantly overlooked by many, many people. Apple is great at UI design.

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