Parade of the Aging Rockers: Now Stevie Nicks thinks the ‘Internet has destroyed rock’

Apple Online Store“It was on May 26, 1948, that Stephanie Lynn Nicks warbled her first note when she was born in Phoenix to Jess Nicks, a corporate veep, and Barbara Nicks, a housewife,” Phil Roura reports for The New York Daily News. “As a toddler, she had trouble pronouncing her name, which came out “tee dee” and eventually ‘Stevie.’ It stuck.”

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“Her great initial success was with lover Lindsey Buckingham. In 1974, they joined Fleetwood Mac and by 1977 the ‘Rumours’ album had churned out four top 10 singles – including Nicks’ megahit ‘Dreams,’ the group’s only U.S. No. 1,” Roura reports. “By 1981, she began a solo career with the album “Bella Donna,” but she continued to record and tour with Fleetwood Mac; the band’s latest studio album is 2003’s “Say You Will,” for which Nicks wrote the title track.”

“Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Fleetwood Mac in 1998, the now 62-year-old rocker worries about the future of the industry she loves,” Roura reports. “‘The Internet has destroyed rock. Children no longer develop social graces. They don’t hang out anymore,’ she complains. ‘I’m financially stable. I’m okay. But what about the kids trying to make it in this business? If you’re not an established band, if you don’t have a hit single, they’re gonna drop you. There are a lot of people out there as talented as we were, but they can’t sustain being in a rock ‘n’ roll band for long without success. We were able to, but we’re going to die out.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: First John Cougar Melonhead, now Stevie Nicks. Proof that you can’t teach an old dog (no offense, Stevie) new tricks, but, trust us, the kids’ll be alright. Times change and new paths to success surely do emerge:

Imagine there’re no labels
It’s easy if you try
No need for greedy album bundles
A brotherhood of bands
Direct to the people
Buying iTunes tracks

You may say that we’re dreamers
But we’re not the only ones
We hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one


  1. Dear Stevie,

    If you feel so strongly about it, why don’t you ask the jacks running the music industry the following:

    Why haven’t they evolved with the times and the technology?

    Why do they not develop talent for long term careers instead of flash in the pan singles?

    Why are they clinging to the old business models and suing their fan base when they should be embracing new paradigms.

    And why don’t YOU realize that the internet has the opportunity to be the most liberating thing for artists, ridding them of their shackles of the very leeches that suck the life (and money) out of the artists?

    People on this board like to throw tomatoes at artists like mellencamp, nicks, and bands like U2, The Beatles and the Stones… saying they suck and are washed up…

    But tell me which bands from the last 10 years will people actually fill stadiums to see 20 years from now. If there’s a list, it will be short.

  2. The whole concept of singles (single song releases) has been given a shot in the arm. It’s up to the creative types to take advantage of new-found opportunities. I wish them well.

  3. Sorry MDN! But Stevie’s right! I’m a professional musician and it is now harder then ever to make a LIVING as an artist. why? You now are competing with millions of idiots who have “music” clogging the Internet waves with their myspace pages of CRAP! Sure the cream rises… But how do you make a buck when all the kids download your music, spend more of their money on cell phones, internet, video games, etc. not including their TIME with all the available options for entertainment. Sure you can tour… Now add in the costs. Gas prices are the highest ever, hotels ain’t cheap, venues want a cut of your merch, etc. No… Being a pro musician is harder then ever. Perhaps before you pass judgement, you could actually talk to those of us who are in the biz.

  4. @Macromancer: Agreed! How many current “rock stars” will have a facebook page with fans in the hundreds of thousands 40 years after they’ve died, like Janis Joplin? Who’s that dude that won American Idol this year? What’s his name? Can’t remember….

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