Verizon plans to bring FiOS TV service to Apple’s revolutionary iPad

MacBook Pro“Think you need another TV in the home? Maybe the iPad, Apple Inc.’s tablet computer, will do the job instead,” Peter Svensson reports for The Associated Press.

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“In the latest example of the slim device attracting the attention of the TV industry, Verizon Communications Inc. on Wednesday demonstrated an application that turns the iPad into another screen for its cable-TV service,” Svensson reports. “If the application sees the light of day next year as planned, subscribers of Verizon’s FiOS TV service could walk around the home with their iPads and watch live TV. They would be able to channel-surf right on the touch screen, with no need for a remote… Verizon’s service would be available only to subscribers.”

Svensson reports, “The big obstacle to taking TV signals further is that the owners of the TV channels have to be convinced that it’s a good idea. Verizon doesn’t want to launch the service with just a few channels. It would rather wait until next year if that means it can launch with a full suite of programming, Shawn Strickland, Verizon’s vice president of consumer strategy and planning, said. It doesn’t plan to charge extra for iPad viewing.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gregory M.” for the heads up.]


  1. Sounds like an interesting idea for those who want TV in an area of the house that doesn’t have a cable jack. It could be nice to have the iPad stream HBO’s True Blood while working in the garage, garden or backyard.

    The challenge will be if you could watch premium channels (HBO, HDNet, Discovery HD, etc) without a cable box. FIOS requires a set top box for every TV even for basic channels, unlike traditional cable that you can just plug-in to a jack.

    Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

  2. Big question for me, is FIOS subscription only, or can you download and keep?
    I made a horrifying mistake on iTunes one night- Rented a show instead of buying it, and was left in a position where I had to pay twice.
    Can’t stand subscription services- ESPECIALLY ad supported ones, and if I can’t buy, download and keep media here at home, I don’t want it.

  3. “It doesn’t plan to charge extra for iPad viewing”

    That point is VERY important! I’m already paying for 3 FIOS TV boxes and extra channels.

    If they offer this service as a free enhancement for their current service it may be enough to keep me from switching to AT&T’s service. (that and giving me a bigger hard drive for their DVR, their current DVR HD is SOOOOOO SMALL I wonder why I’m paying for it)

  4. @Sixvodkas
    There are times when I want to buy a movie, but I for one am content to spend $4 for the family to watch a movie. I typically use my $8/month Netflix account to watch most stuff. Small prices to pay for having store the entire archive.

  5. @Diggitydog

    MDN has a lot of its reputation at stake with the success of the gadget. As people continue to wonder what to do with the glass slate device, sales level off and MDN’s predictions look doubtful.

    Therefore, the heavy promotion by MDN continues – as though 12 people who come to this site don’t already have an iPad. I haven’t seen any media mention anywhere beyond this site that credits MDN for the sale of any iPad.

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