Apple earnings: So how’d the analysts do?

Apple Store“The professional analysts who track Apple (AAPL) for banks and brokerage houses may have been surprised by the $15.7 billion in revenue the company reported Tuesday — an all-time record for Apple in what is traditionally one of its weakest quarters,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“But the blogger-analysts we polled in advance of the earnings report were not,” Elmer-DeWitt reports. “In fact, their consensus estimates for both revenue ($15.74 billion) and earnings ($3.66 per share) were remarkably close to the actual results ($15.7 billion and $3.51, respectively).”

Elmer-DeWitt reports, “Yes, once again the amateurs have beaten the professionals at their own game, although it must be said that the pros did considerably better in our Apple Earnings Smackdown this quarter than they ever have before… We’ve ranked the analysts by the combined accuracy of their revenue and EPS estimates.”

Full article, with a chart that tracks the analysts’ performance, here.


  1. And what about all those people who bought houses they couldn’t afford?

    Is that the fault of the analysts too?

    Or how about the Federal Reserve artificially keeping interest rates low?

    Or Barney Frank refusing to have Freddie and Fannie beef up their capital reserves back in ’06….??

    Point being, there’s a lot of blame to go around, so you might want to be careful with your Monday morning quarterbacking…

  2. How many years now? Apple is just reporting Record Profits!!!!!!! And the next few upcoming Quarters will also be Record Profits!!!!!!!! Can any other company can even grow as fast as Apple?

    Wake up sleepers who still does not Believe that AAPL is in a tremendous momentum of growth period. Apple has about 8% market share only. Can you all imagine a 15% share? At that level Apple Inc. revenue is easily at $100 billion!!!!!!!!!
    * What would the AAPL stock be at? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> $1000!!
    …. Go Apple go Up!

  3. What cracked me up were the analysts collectively patting themselves on the back for predicting the iPad quarterly unit sales number so accurately. Well, since Apple announced “3 million in 80 days” about a week before the quarter was over, it doesn’t take a genius to predict 3.x million for the quarter. When the quarter started (before iPad went on sale), most of those analysts were predicting under 3 million iPads for all of 2010.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with the “analysis” this quarter, since Apple has forecast numbers that are even higher than the current consensus of estimates from the analysts. Apple must REALLY be confident, or there is something surprising that will be revealed this quarter in time to affect results.

  4. Drive the price down for 4 days (thanks for the extra help Consumer Reports), use those $ billions that the US government lent us at 0% interest (which we re-invested in treasury bonds and now are coming due with a 3.25% return) to make $9.00+ a share after Apple earnings are announced. Gotta love being a bank/brokerage. thanks Congress for making it all possible. Your checks are in the mail.

  5. Diversification is smart based upon history…but let’s keep in mind that never in history has a company grown and sustained like Apple has, and it is only beginning.
    Spread your money out over thousands of B-minus companies or put it
    into a proven A-plus company with vision and sustenance. And don’t forget that their massive growth is during a recession. It is truly amazing and kids are going to study about this in history books.

  6. The so called market analyst most of the times giving false signals and ordinary people who believes them invested most of the amount and lossing more amount. Is there any site which gives rating to the so called analyst, brokerage firms based on their results? What to do with the so called analyst? Any way is there to control them?

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