Why iPhone 4 ‘antennagate’ is the lamest ‘scandal’ ever

iphone 4 cases“I’m beginning to think that Antennagate — the so-called scandal over the Apple iPhone 4’s reception issues — has become the most ridiculous tech story of the year,” Michael Comeau writes for Minyanville.

“Let’s recap the problem,” Comeau writes. “A small number of people reported iPhone 4 reception problems related to how they held the phone. I say a ‘small number”‘ because there’s still absolutely zero evidence of a high return rate or widespread customer dissatisfaction.”

“Then, a whole bunch of media types started trying to recreate the problem themselves by holding their phones every which way, trying to get the signal to drop,” Comeau writes. “So while these techno-hypochondriacs didn’t actually suffer from or notice this problem, they were determined to do so once they saw the opportunity to jump all over Apple.”

Comeau writes, “Consumer Reports delivered a magnificent troll job this week when it said it ‘couldn’t recommend the iPhone 4.’ …I’m just playing devil’s advocate here, but who cares about how well the iPhone 4 performs in an isolation chamber? I don’t make phone calls from my isolation chamber. No, I only use my isolation chamber to breathe in pure oxygen and protect myself from germs.”

“But wait, there’s more,” Comeau writes. “When Consumer Reports first looked at the iPhone 4, it said “some reviewers have reported problems with reduced reception when the iPhone 4 is being held in the left hand. So far, we’ve been unable to replicate the problems.” Unable to replicate the problems. Unable to replicate the problems. Unable to replicate the problems. Get it?”

Comeau writes, “I’d like to know: How in the blue hell does Consumer Reports place admittedly ‘anecdotal indications’ from an isolation chamber above what it found in normal use?”

Read more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Because if Consumer Reports didn’t place admittedly “anecdotal indications” from an isolation chamber above what it found in normal use, their website wouldn’t have a bunch of extra hits from a highly-desireable demographic that rarely, if ever, visits their paywall.

Seriously, if you ever find yourself reading Consumer Reports, stop! Just put it down and leave it in the doctor’s office along with the large print Reader’s Digest. If you’re subscriber… Yikes! Cancel immediately, you’re embarrassing yourself. Go read The Weekly World News instead, at least their “reports” have aliens.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GetMeOnTop” for the heads up.]


  1. Really tired of all this crap. Got a problem? just return it, simple! if 20% of the people whom claims to have problem had return it, I’m sure they would have a solution by now. Only buy doesn’t help ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Maybe Consumer Reports needs to be investigated. Who oversees them? Just because they don’t accept ads doesn’t mean that people that work there can’t be “persuaded”. I’m sure any of iPhone’s competitors would have a vested interest in them flip flopping on this issue.

  3. Apple is crushing the smart phone market and “Antennagate” is all they have to put a speed bump in front of the iPhone 4.

    I see a blood bath and berry juice blend here!

  4. “I don’t make phone calls from my isolation chamber. No, I only use my isolation chamber to breathe in pure oxygen and protect myself from germs.”

    I rather enjoyed that part of the article.

  5. CR has lost all credibility. I think one of the worst things is suggesting duct tape. That was a hateful statement. Who would buy the premier device in the world, and then stick a piece of duct tape? They’re not stupid. They know it was a vicious statement.

  6. I’ve only read about problems in the US, and if I recall Apple mentioned the signal measurement was related to some problem with how it interacts with AT&T;or uses AT&T;’s formulas or something. Is it isolated to the US? If so then it surely must be software.

  7. @Dan
    I just put a piece of (white) electrical tape across the antenna joint of my iPhone 4. So far haven’t completely lost signal where I used to do it consistently. Hopefully this does the trick until my case arrives.

  8. Can all the f’in crybabies return their phones already? I’d like to actually buy one, since the few people I actually know that have one are NOT having the issues mentioned. In fact, the one guy who used to lose a call on his way home at a certain point no longer drops the call with the 4.
    Why are people not having problems considered liars? Again, complainers, return your phones. I would like one.

  9. Nice one Augustin. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    The markets will play this one up for as much as they can. We will all find out on the 20th since apple will have to discuss the issue in the conference call.

  10. Thank you CR – because the sheep in the stock market get so nervous when this shit happens I was able to add a couple of hundred shares to my portfolio for a price I never thought I would see again – GO APPLE!!!!…

  11. Engadget EVO review:
    “we found ourselves getting four bars of 4G walking down the street, then ducking into a coffee shop and dropping to just one or even no bars at all.”


    But nobody bashes the EVO because in the end not many people care about the EVO (hey after WEEKS of supposedly ‘record shattering’ sales they’ve sold an astounding … 300,000!).

    . But unscrupulous reviewers, bloggers etc gloss over EVO and other phone’s faults (Consumer reports puts the EVO as their second best phone just a few points under iPhone 4) because they’re not going to get the publicity as bashing Apple will get them.

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