Hitler reacts to the iPhone 4 antenna issues (with video)

The P.R. hits to Apple and iPhone 4 just keep on coming, no end in sight:

Hitler Reacts to the iPhone 4 Antenna Issues

Apple P.R.’s “oh, it’ll all blow over” (otherwise known as “The Tiger Woods”) ahem, “strategy” might just be in need of a rethink.

Anyone have any ideas what Apple could do to get out ahead of this issue, take control of the message, and stop the “Newtonization” of iPhone 4?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “theloniousMac” for the heads up.]


  1. Nah, this thing is alive and will live on until iPhone 5 when all the headlines read, “Countless prospective iPhone buyers take a wait and see position this time around.”

  2. It’s all a case of hitting the high horse. They can’t beat Apple on a level playing field, so they take low blows and dig at any perceived weakness. Two years ago this would never happen. The underdog gets a free ride and the leader of the pack is subppsed to be 100% out the gate. Nevermind that this problem will be fixed.

  3. Well, despite the “issue”, iPhone 4’s are still delayed for many people wanting them.

    What could Apple do? I guess pay the supposed Apple news blogs to stop posting about this damn subject every 5 minutes. This time could be better spent making MDN app iOS 4 optimized (and hopefully speed it up and stop the crashing).

  4. Gotta love these Hitler videos. This one was pretty funny. But Hitler and the vuvuzela at the 2010 Fifa World Cup is the best so far.


    And I haven’t had any antenna issues. A few tweaks and apple will be all the way there.

  5. I’m sorry I don’t get what the hysteria is all about. From all that I have read the problem goes away when you put the iPhone 4 in a case. Now the bumper case looks like a waste of money to me but I’ll be slapping that iPhone in hard case that protects it’s glass exterior before I use the phone. I think the delicacy of the glass exterior is the real issue and this “reception” issue is just a red herring. Anyone who uses this phone without a case is asking for a whole world of pain. And I think that is what Jobs is scratching his head about. “You want to use a glass exterior phone without a case? Well, good luck with that.”

  6. An update that would make my 3GS run smoother would be nice.

    And a 10.6.4b that would not overheat my iMac graphics would be nice.

    And an iTunes 9.2.2b that doesn’t loose TV and give me false warnings every time I update an app would be nice…..

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