Faulkner: iPhone on Verizon no longer a rumor

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“The Apple iPhone is going to Verizon Wireless?” Bob Faulkner, Managing Director of Cranbury Capital, asks for Minyanville. “While rumors of this event hit the market fairly regularly, Bloomberg (yesterday’s source) sounds convinced they’ve got the right people talking. I found two interesting aspects to the article.”

“In the midst of a market sell-off yesterday, when this ‘rumor’ hit the wires it managed to push Verizon’s stock into the black for a most of the last hour,” Faulkner writes. “So ask yourself this: Just how frequently does the expectation of an Android phone push a carrier’s stock up? Let’s see if the new Droid from Motorola has people lined up at the Verizon Wireless stores.”

MacDailyNews Take: Droid does not require crowd control.

Faulkner continues, “Look at it from a different perspective: How many advertisements have you seen/heard in which the company has added, ‘download our iPhone app’ at the end? Now how many have you heard suggesting you download their Android app? My point is simple: Investors and advertisers appear to view iPhone as the de facto standard. That may change, but it’s what the markets are telling you now.”

“The second issue relative to the Bloomberg article is timing, and it’s why I believe this one (rumor) may in fact be true. What if the device in question isn’t going to be a CDMA phone for the existing Verizon Wireless network but an LTE (Long Term Evolution) device?” Faulkner writes. “Apple doesn’t have a history of moving backwards, and developing a CDMA phone would be just such a move… Verizon Wireless expects to introduce LTE service by the end of 2010… Obviously, the bulk of Verizon’s early roll-out won’t hit until 2011, so what better way to bolster the program than the introduction of the iPhone?:

Read more in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JES42” for the heads up.]


  1. A Verizon LTE network compatible phone will be a combination LTE/CDMA phone since it will take a while for Verizon to have their LTE network available in other areas besides major markets initially. The same with AT&T;. An AT&T;LTE network compatible phone will be a combination LTE/GSM phone for the same reason. Verizon’s CDMA network isn’t going away anytime soon – it will run side by side with Verizon’s LTE network for a good while.

  2. Its inevitable that it will show up on Verizon. The question was always “when” not “if”.

    And MDN, wtf is with the new ads on the page? For the past three days your ads have completely hijacked the page with a full screen intrusive pop-in and I have had to click “Skip this ad” to return to the article. Thats enough to keep me from coming to the site so I hope it was not intentional.

  3. Was this rumor make in “New York City”?

    I question this rumor based on one item- LTE only.

    If your LTE only covers X amount of cities and you travel outside of this area? No coverage! even when Joe Smoe next to yup can get Verizon coverage?! Something is not sounding right.

    If Apple were to build a LTE phone it would surely add CDMA service so people will not respond to the lawyers trolling for lawsuit material. Sounds wrong, LTE only.

    Even if the first iP4V were CDMA/LTE, the phone may be thicker but the design could allow for the thicker center with a broader antenna section. Although, modifications could be made to “fix” the current design.

    LTE only? I do not think so.
    LTE/CDMA- maybe.
    Thicker design- possibly, would allow for bigger battery to offset the drain of first gen LTE.

    YUP, it is coming to Verizon.

    Hopefully Verizon does not jump Apple with handcuffs to lock out features!

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