Steve Jobs email: Over the air iPhone 4 HD video uploads coming ‘in the future’

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!MacDailyNews reader “Chris T.” reports the following email exchange with Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently:


I’m a HUGE fan of your products… MBP, Ipad 64gb WIFI, 2 iphone 3g’s and now 2 iphone 4’s… but I have a complaint… What’s the point of building in HD video capabilities when the compression upon uploading directly to youtube makes the video’s useless and not viewable? They’re not even remotely viewable!! I was so excited about this feature on the Iphone 4, but sadly to say, this is a serious disappointment. In today’s world, HD video is pointless if I can’t upload it “as is” directly to the net.

Please fix this issue.



Steve Jobs’ response:

You can upload them via a Mac or PC today. Over the air in the future.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chris T.” for the heads up.]


  1. Steve is showing his love of mobile devices. It’s so easy to respond to and email when carrying around the best mobile products on the planet especially with their long battery life.

  2. I may be wrong about this since I don’t upload videos to YouTube, but I watch videos on YouTube frequently. I believe video playback quality on YouTube immediately after uploading a video is poor. However, after YouTube completes its processing (whatever that entails) of your uploaded video, the higher quality playback choices, including “720p HD,” become available. The default playback choice is usually 360p.

    So unless it’s the iPhone 4 that is doing the compression “on-the-fly” before sending to YouTube, maybe that’s the problem here…?

  3. Steve Jobs is a genius of marketing, every time he responds to a email it generates millions in publicity with out paying a single dime.

    I guess it proves that the iOS is the biggest advertising software in the history.

  4. I wonder if it’s one of Steve Jobs’ personal goals to reply to at least one customer’s email every week.

    Do you think he decides “I’m going to respond to one of these email today” and then he just peruses his inbox until he finds one he likes?
    Or is it just random? And he just scans the emails when he’s bored and on a whim decides to reply to one?

    Maybe it’s a little bit of both. All I know is it’s pretty cool having a CEO of a ginormous company who takes the time to reply directly to random customers.

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