Google claims over 160,000 Android phones are sold each day

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Google’s Andy Rubin during the Droid X launch today revealed that over 160,000 Android phones are sold every day. The tally is a huge jump from 100,000 each day in May and would theoretically see as many as 4.8 million Android phones go online every month,” Electronista reports. “Various hardware builders like HTC and Motorola were moving just 60,000 per day as recently as February.”

Electronista reports, “The explosion can largely be credited to Android’s popularity in the US… Whether or not Google’s partners can sustain this level of production and challenge larger incumbents like Apple and RIM isn’t certain. Apple has over 600,000 iPhone 4 pre-orders just for its launch day and isn’t including walk-in sales or third-party retailers; it also is shipping only to several countries in June. Shipments should expand in July and through the rest of the year.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Surely when Steve Jobs feels the time is right to buy out AT&T’s exclusive U.S. stranglehold and get on with things, he’ll make his move, right? After all, losing 160,000+ per day to fake iPhones with long-term contracts (not to mention the fake app investments that will work to keep people from buying real iPhones someday) must have some future cost that will eventually negate all of the wonderful advantages that being shackled to AT&T Mobility brings to Apple and U.S. iPhone users. Seriously, Steve, you could open the iPhone up to multiple U.S. carriers and then just have every Apple salesperson punch each iPhone buyer in the mouth, if you like inflicting unnecessary pain on us so much. We’d take a one-time shot to the kisser in place of all of the wasted time, dropped calls, and needless frustration.


  1. I think Apple is doing what it wants to do for now, which is to increase worldwide iPhone sales at steady manageable rate that provides the optimum combination of units sales and profit per unit.

    Also, they may want to get the NC data center up and running before expanding the potential U.S. customer base to Verizon.

  2. @chabig

    Big difference between sold and activated. But, I seriously doubt that when I turn on my phone, anyone would consider it “activated” in the same sense that one activates phone service.

    But, just the same, I seriously doubt the editors of Electronista care about niggling little details like that. If they did, they would retract that statement.

    Google, on the other hand doesn’t care about the statement either because it sounds terrific for them.

  3. So when will a credible member of the press (ducking as I write this) ask Google for proof? This seems so far out of bounds. Of course that also means that another 32,000 of these so called 160,000 phone are now totally open to app stealing their owner’s confidential data out and sending on to organized crime.

  4. Its all part of Steve’s master plan. He knows every one of those android sales will mean a future “iPhone user for life”. Just as the best marketing OS X ever had was Vista, the pain of android will bring people to the iPhone.

  5. Tim Rosencrans,

    Bad plan. Once you lose them it’s much harder to switch them – especially if they buy a bunch of Android apps – than if you simply got them on their first smartphone. Steve should know better.


    Depends on how many ads Google ran on each phone.

  6. Geez.

    So there I was, happily following my rule to “not click on any MDN stories that have ‘AT&T;’ in the title.” Life was good. I suffered no exposure to tiresome, repetitious, barely-cogent rants about the eeeeevil carrier AT&T;, which uses some sort of supernatural power to force Apple to continue in their dastardly relationship, to the detriment of all mankind forever and ever.

    Then I clicked on this article about Android sales. And suddenly realized I’d been suckered into clicking on another rant.


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