Five nice surprises in Apple’s new iOS 4

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Like many of you, I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to iOS 4 yesterday. I’m traveling in France and the upgrade went great,” Terry White blogs. “No glitches or problems reactivating. I was also very happy that it didn’t wipe the phone and make me restore all my content (especially since I sync media from an iMac at home). I’m very happy (almost giddy) with the folder management for Apps and the unified inbox for Mail (one of my pet peeves since day one!). Although I’ve been trying to keep up on the new features as best I could while traveling, there were a few pleasant surprises that I hadn’t seen listed anywhere.”

Five Nice Surprises in iOS 4:
1. Notes Syncing Over the Air
2. Calendars On/Off
3. iTunes Playlist Creation
4. Bluetooth Keyboard Support
5. Sending Email Attachments to 3rd Party Apps

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  1. I want to reach those at Apple to make a suggestion (sorry, this has nothing to do with this particular MDN article but I figure many at Apple follow this site).

    Given the problems with Adobe, I think it would be a VERY GOOD IDEA to buy Canvas. ACDSee no longer supports this program and it blows away anything Adobe has. Can you see if Steve agrees?

  2. @ bugsbunny

    No doubt you could email Steve himself at – he appears to be reading all the worthwhile messages at the moment and perhaps yours is one of them (I can’t comment on an acquisition of the software you mention since I have no experience of Canvas but I can see that it would be a disaster if CS6 is not released for Mac OS X)!

  3. I’ve been trying this morning to get my 3GS with iOS 4 to recognize my Apple bluetooth keyboard, but no such luck—–so far.

    Anyone have advice or ideas on this?

    Thank you;


  4. I thought it was kinda braveof the writer to update his phone whilst travelling. What if something did go wrong? He would need to go home to restore his phone.

  5. @jeph,
    I just did it. You need to go to Bluetooth on iPhone and ensure it’s on (discoverable). Then hold the power button on the side of the keyboard until the light on top flashes (now in pairing mode). Iphone will ask you to enter a code to pair, hit enter and you’re done!
    All assuming newer aluminum bt keyboard.

  6. @The Other Steve

    hahaha that was hilarious

    Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Click on image then you can select from camera roll, library, or wallpaper. > Click an image you want then click set and it will give you the options of where to put it.

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