Apple to open five new stores in Canada this year

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“In Canada, Apple has 15 stores, the majority of which are in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia,” iPhone in Canada reports.

Starting in the Summer/Fall 2010, Apple will be opening five new stores in the following cities:
• Quebec: Quebec City (one location)
• British Columbia: Richmond Centre (Richmond; one location)
• Ontario: Upper Canada Mall (Toronto; one location)
• Alberta: Chinook Centre & Southgate (Calgary/Edmonton; two locations)

iPhone in Canada notes, “The Southgate Apple Store location has already opened on May 28, 2010.”

Full article, with links, here.


  1. Despite the extra time to get things like the iPad and iPhone 4 in Canada, the benefits compared to the US Apple AT&T;experience is huge: choice of providers (at least 4 that I can think of) and tethering for the last 2 years.

  2. how about one tiny little one in Victoria?!!

    We have to take a 2 hour ferry @$100 each way to get an Apple Store!

    It would be nice to have one here, especially considering the number of people with massive discretionary income and the fact that it seems like almost everyone you see in this town has an iPhone/iDevice!

  3. How about at least one freakin’ store in Arkansas.
    Is that asking too much?

    Every state around us has one or two or ten.

    Must be Al pissing on Bill’s cornflakes….

  4. @AppleGeekCanada

    Nope we sure don’t. South and Central are loaded with them. But not in Northwest Florida.

    With all the tourist around that come down (well not right now), the amount of business the military brings here there is no apple store here. We have to settle for Best Buy. ‘

    We have more than New York in south Florida. We are tied with Texas at 16 in each state, but Northwest Florida has none.

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