iPhone 4 gets out early, camera samples posted online (with video)

“The iPhone 4 has landed in the hands of a Czech who has managed a test of the phone and its camera, including HD video,” Electronista reports.

“Swenak explained that the phone feels good in the hand, isn’t prone to slipping, and is relatively fast both in wide use and in getting a GPS lock-on,” Electronista reports.

Watch the video in HD via YouTube here.

Read more in the full article, which includes sample of stills taken with iPhone 4, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Martz” for the heads up.]


  1. anyone else tired as hell of the taunting and teasing.

    Can Thursday get here any faster?

    and if my best buy gets fewer than 20 phones (i’m 20 something) . . . it won’t be good.

  2. @BH,

    No kidding. Totally teasing! No, I can’t wait until Thursday!

    I just can’t get over the kind of video quality I’m going to have along with my in my pocket all the time! Awesome!

    I was contemplating spending $150 on a Kodak, Sony, or Flip HD camera… Now, for double that, I got myself a whole new iPhone with way more capabilities.

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