Two million apply for Apple’s iTune Festival London 2010 tickets

“If you’ve been hoping to win a pair of tickets to see one of the 31 headline acts appearing at Apple’s London-based iTunes Festival next month, then you’d better stop holding your breath right now — there’s over two million people hoping for the same thing,” Jonny Evans reports for 9 to 5 Mac. “Apple’s senior director of iTunes Europe revealed the landmark figure in conversation last night. “We’ve already had over 2 million tickets applied for, at an average of 100,000 every day,” said Oliver Schusser.”

“Announced in April, acts appearing at the event will include Scissor Sisters, Tony Bennet and Ozzy Osbourne,” Evans reports. “This year’s iTunes Festival is going to be the most popular yet — but also means more people will be disappointed than ever, with only 60,000 tickets available across the 31 night event at The Roundhouse in Camden Town, London.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. Oh man. I missed it. Now I will have to try that Microsoft Store in Denver giving away on those tickets. I hope I don’t get one of those Windows viruses infections while on line.

  2. 31 gigs, 60,000 tickets available, 2 million applications are certainly impressive numbers, but I’ve applied for tickets to maybe 15 of the gigs myself – if other people have done the same thing it isn’t quite as impressive (it’s not like it’s 2 million individual applications or anything…)

    Still waiting to know if I’ve won anything yet…

  3. @ TheConfuzed1 and Botvinnik

    They are a set of concerts produced under the iTunes banner in London, Berlin, etc…
    I’d be surprised if the US iTunes Store didn’t have them. If you search “iTunes Festival” or “iTunes Live” in the European iTunes Stores you can buy the released recordings.
    All different types of artists. Some are really worth buying.

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