The Killer iPhone: How Apple designed iPhone 4 to be sweet to customers and vicious to rivals

“Given how much was known about the fourth-generation iPhone before its official unveiling on June 7, Apple CEO Steve Jobs did quite a job to generate as much as excitement as he did,” Cliff Edwards and Arik Hesseldahl report for BusinessWeek. “Fans and analysts raved over the $199 phone’s videoconferencing feature, applauded its slimmed-down design, and looked forward to a promised new era of hyper-multitasking.”

Edwards and Hesseldahl report, “The new iPhone is built not just to compete with other phones but to keep pushing the boundaries of the Apple universe. It’s Apple at its most creative—and its most aggressive, as it attempts to divert revenue from advertisers, book publishers, and content providers.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. @ Tyoung

    Good luck with your Evo friends. All the Evo users are in denial right now. They believe it’s better than the iPhone 4, but it will soon be obvious it’s just another cheap iPhone imitation.

    Sory HTC and Sprint.

  2. Prepare to hear a lot more of the “walled garden” criticism, generated by competitors who are losing. But inside Apple’s mobile “garden” is a place where everything works brilliantly, and the user is the master of their own experience and data. Outside the walls, in the dark, dusty alleys of the so-called open and free environment, predatory advertisers and hackers lurk, spying on their users, often mugging them. The features and functions of the “open” devices are designed by a greedy tug-of-war among OS writers, carriers, and handset makers, mixed with borderline criminals out to exploit the chaotic mess.

    Which side of the wall do you want?

  3. I hear people talking about the iPhone 4 all over the place! Seriously. Just walking down the street to get lunch I heard 4 or 5 people talking about it and the 3 ladies behind me in line were also talking about it. Most say they can’t wait to get one.

  4. @m159… Sounds like a deadly dull existence, just like living in the suburbs.

    Me? I’ll take the wilderness… both urban and natural extremes… over mind-numbing “safety”….

    BUT I’ll keep ALL my Macs, iPods, iPad and (soon) iPhone to help me navigate.

  5. “to keep pushing the boundaries of the Apple universe”

    a great quote.

    Why? Because it’s an admission by Apple observers that the game is already lost in the long run. Unless Apple drastically changes it’s game plan, Android based phones and devices will continue to adapt and innovate at a faster pace than Apple can do in it’s closed universe.

    Amazing how history repeats itself isn’t it?

  6. @Tyoung, point these out to your pals…

    HTC Evo (from ifixit teardown)
    – Broadcom BCM4329 integrating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM
    – Sequans SQ1210 RF combo chip.
    – Qualcomm’s QSD8650 Snapdragon processor.
    – Atmel’s MXT224 Touchscreen controller.
    – Qualcomm’s RTR6500 CDMA2000 transceiver with GPS.
    – Qualcomm’s PM7540 power management IC
    – Samsung KBY00U00VM NAND Flash.
    – Avago’s FEM7758 front end module.
    – Texas Instruments TPS65051 6-channel Power Mgmt IC.
    – Triquint TQM613029 CDMA PA-Duplexer Module.

    iPhone 4
    – A4!

  7. I love MacDailynews! It’s right up there with eBaum’s World and Funny or Die for a guaranteed laugh!

    Why is it I cannot find a single mention of the iPad security breach on this website?

  8. And once again, all the so-called experts forget the ipod touch.

    The current touch is quite thinner than the 3gs. So much thinner, in fact, that I can see apple redesigning it around the stainless steel frame of the new iphone4. By moving the glass front and back to be flush with the frame, the ipod touch 4(?) would be almost half the thickness of the iphone4.

    Awesome. Apple is the one to pull something like that off.

    I think this puts us only, maybe 5 years from a completely integrated device as thick as two panes of high-strength glass with all the componentry sandwiched between. How thin is too thin? We’ll see.

    Thanks all.

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