Does Apple Inc. need a tune up?

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadSteveJack writes over in our Opinion section:

Let’s review the events in Apple-land over the past few months, shall we?

1. An Apple engineer either leaves an iPhone 4 prototype, or has one lifted from him, in a beer garden

2. Said iPhone 4 prototype gets plastered all over the world, taking away a meaningful measure of excitement from Steve Jobs’ planned reveal

3. During Jobs’ big unveiling of the already-unveiled, the Wi-Fi is so saturated by bloggers’ WiFi networks that he can’t do his demos properly, if at all

4. Apple has no backup plan in place for such a predictable situation

5. Beyond this point, I won’t even mention issuing the Safari 5 press release claiming immediate availability and then not having the pages or the download online for two hours (we’re used to that move from minor league iPod case makers, not Apple)

Perhaps Jobs is getting a bit soft as he grows older. Maybe he’s not banging heads even when heads beg to be banged?

Those five items above are silly, stupid, utterly predicable mistakes. That’s not the Apple, under Jobs at least, with which I am familiar…

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[UPDATE: 5:25am PDT: Fixed link to full article.]

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