Apple posts QuickTime stream of CEO Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2010 keynote address

Apple has posted the QuickTime stream of CEO Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote address.

Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduce the new iPhone 4.

See the 1:52:46 video-on-demand event, exclusively in QuickTime and and MPEG-4, here.

MacDailyNews Note: For rubberneckers, the Wi-Fi issues begin at the 40:10 mark.


  1. To many, this will be like the alure of a NASCAR race, watching just for the wrecks.

    MDN needs to do some journalism here and find out who was taken to the woodshed for this Microsoft moment.

  2. I expect the next big iMac news to be –

    Retina Displays for everything
    Apple produced custom silicon for everything
    Multi touch for everything
    Blu-ray drives for everything

    In other words – exactly what Apple has always done. Provide the best technology, coupled with the best user experience, and holding the line on pricing.

    As far as the Tech glitch from yesterday goes, my guess would be that the next event will have two official WiFi connection points – one for the bloggers to use and one for Apple to use. No more MiFi connections.

  3. I can’t imagine how would they handle the prohibition of WiFi access points (MiFi). And to have 570 ACCESS points in the same room is just unimaginable. I can see 570 WiFi client computers (on the same network), but 570 independent networks??? No wonder there was no spectrum for Apple’s official one!

    Ironically, they would have likely had more reliable connection using an AT&T 3G connection, since most of those MiFi devices are likely on Verizon…

  4. Why wasn’t the WIFI load anticipated? How ironic…Apple’s own products sowed these glitch seeds weeks/months ago.

    While in the scheme of things it’s really not a big deal, Steve’s comments about “people running around backstage” to fix the glitch says more than any speculation can offer.

    And the really important news – iPhone 4 has just changed the mobile game (again). The rest of the competition are now officially “running around backstage”. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. There was this moment when Steve was having trouble with the WiFi that someone yelled out “Verizon !!!” that had the crowd roaring (even Steve got a kick out of it), but it seems that it’s been edited out.

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