Apple iPhone for Verizon coming late this year?

Supreme Studio Makeover from Matt Phillips reports for The Wall Street Journal, “Here’s an interesting tidbit from Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Jeffrey Fidacaro: ‘Checks suggest CDMA phone coming soon. As our SFG Semiconductor analyst Chris Caso wrote in his recent Taiwan Trip Notes – Day 2 note, the supply chain was on notice for production of a CDMA version of the iPhone to begin as early as [the third quarter of 2010]. While we do not subscribe to this time frame and anticipate a CDMA iPhone more likely [first quarter of 2011], our checks around the WWDC event suggest optimism that a CDMA iPhone could be coming by the end of 2010. We believe the threat of the possible loss of iPhone exclusivity partly explains what motivated AT&T to extend the subsidized pricing at an accelerated time frame.'”

Phillips reports, “Others cite the looming threat of a Verizon iPhone to explain what Macquarie analysts call the AT&T’s ‘incredibly generous upgrade offer.’ Macquarie analysts write: “AT&T’s accelerated upgrade policy came in more generous than expected, likely to lock in as many existing iPhone customers as possible ahead of a possible CDMA iPhone launch in late 2010/early 2011. AT&T customers whose upgrade eligibility comes in 2010 will be able to apply for an upgrade as soon as the phone launches.’ Collins Stewart analysts also suspect that a CDMA iPhone have prompted AT&T’s upgrade policy. ‘We would not be surprised if this move signals AT&T’s attempt to lock in as many current iPhone users as possible, before it is possibly offered at other carriers or on other technology platform (such as CDMA).'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

    Not before the contract with ATnT runs out anyways.

    Seriously, this rumor needs to just go away.

    Verizon has as much of a bulls eye on it as Dell as far as Apple is concerned.

  2. I was planning on purchasing an iPhone 4 on day one. However, given AT&T;’s reduced data plans, I will wait to upgrade from my 2G iPhone. I will jump to any carrier that offers unlimited data.

    I have unlimited data now, I do not want to lose it. I do not use 500MB every month, but when I am traveling, I sometimes get to 1GB. However, if I had 3G, I would use more data.

    Granted I will pay more, but that is my prerogative. I do not like overages and surprises.

  3. I’d rather have the occasional dropped call than Verizon’s crappy 3G network. When my girlfriend needs to get on 3G, she reaches for my iPhone. Her Android phone (contract lock-in) on Verizon is just shit.

  4. There’s a reason AT&T;wants to lock in as many iPhone contracts as possible before year end.

    It may be Verizon, and/or other carriers. But, for Apple, it’s to their advantage to have the iPhone available on as many carriers as possible.

    You can bet there’s going to be another carrier announced in January 2011.

  5. I wish these yahoos would give it a rest.

    It will happen when it happens, if it happens at all.

    Which will depend on
    1) Verizon abandoning their 20th century CDMA technology and getting on the 21st century bandwagon of GSM, LTE, and other more globally used technologies.
    2) Getting their corporate head out of their corporate asshole. They do not rule the world, Apple does. Apple will dictate the terms of the relationship between Apple and Verizon, and Verizon and the paying customer.

  6. I came here to post:

    “What is there like an iCal event scheduled to automatically post this rumor every week?”


    I gotta say that this is the most credible and sensible iteration of this rumor I’ve ever seen.

    Personally, I’m not sure I would switch to Verizon. They’d have to really make a lot of improvements to other aspects of their service because where I live connectivity with AT&T;has really improved recently.

    I’ll see when/if we get there. For now, I’m planning on camping out for the iPhone 4, and will use it with AT&T;. If a Verizon iPhone comes out with improvements to Verizon’s service, I may consider switching, and it won’t be that big of a deal if Verizon offers the same (or better) subsidy.

  7. The CDMA phones being created are for the market in China. Boatloads will be sold there. Verizon had it’s chance, and reports have told us that the ATnT contract runs through 2012.

    Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

  8. Trying to decide which is more annoying.

    1) Never ending Verizon rumors.

    2) People bitching non-stop about never ending Verizon rumors.

    Leaning towards #2. Ya, definitely #2.

    Can’t ya’ll see Verizon in the title? And yet, you click anyway just so to can bitch and moan?

  9. I don’t have any particular complaints about ATT that I couldn’t have about any other carrier.

    I do hope that there are other iPhone carriers soon though.

    The market needs competition.

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