Michael Wolff: Steve Jobs is very much alive; is this good news?

Supreme Studio Makeover from MacMall.com MacDailyNews Note: WARNING: If you’ve just eaten, you may want to wait awhile until you read this one:

“The age of Steve Jobs is, to say the least, unexpected,” Michale Wolff claims for Newser. “Windows knocked him off the main stage for 10 years…”

MacDailyNews Take: Wrong.

Wolff continues, “Then the Internet seemed to sideline him…”

MacDailyNews Take: Wha?

Wolff continues, “Not to mention that serious business people (along with many others) thought he was nutty…”

MacDailyNews Take: He’s referring to Rupert Murdoch, who, of course, is the sanest man on the planet.

Wolff continues, “Then he had problems with the SEC (and not insignificant ones)…”

MacDailyNews Take: They seem pretty insignificant; Jobs was untouched.

Wolff continues, “Then he nearly died.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yay, Michael got one right!

Wolff continues, “Apple now has a bigger market cap than Microsoft (a prospect that not even the most devoted Apple fans would ever have imagined); the company is directly threatening Google for control of a significant part of the digital customer’s money and time; Jobs’ problems with the SEC have, magically, disappeared; and he seems, mirable [sic] dictu, very much alive. Is this good news?”

MacDailyNews Take: Michael Wolff is actually positing that the world would be better off if Steve Jobs were dead. And, he calls Jobs nutty! Sheesh. Then the crazy bastage implies that something nefarious happened between Jobs and the SEC, yet offers zero proof. One thing’s for sure: Michael Wolff comes off as one seriously scummy, jealous, miserable little man.

Wolff continues, “For the machine-loving consumer, Jobs’ triumph over Microsoft and Bill Gates is a marvel. Life seldom turns out this way. It’s a first in the history of architecture, where, in the mass market, the sensuous and beautiful triumphs over the functional and economic. The cost of such beauty, however, is having to accede to Apple’s world. Still, it is so much more pleasurable than the Windows world. But it is not just this world that is being acceded to—it’s acceding to Jobs himself.”

MacDailyNews Take: Trying to pass Windows off as “functional and economic” is cute, but laughably wrong. Windows has cost and continues to cost the world untold billions of dollars in lost productivity, time, and data, inflicted countless security catastrophes, etc., etc., etc. times a million.

Wolff continues, “We may never before have had a single executive in a public company who is so personally powerful. Is this good news?”

Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, what would Wolff prefer? A diminished, less powerful Steve Jobs, so we can all have crappier tech products? Steve Jobs has what he has for a reason: He earned it.

This, on the other hand, is what Michael Wolff is all about (Newser, January 16, 2009):

Steve Jobs, even more a Sun God—magical, temperamental, weird, frightening—than Murdoch, has nobody in his company, or world, to advise him, or challenge him, or balance him.

Reality doesn’t touch him. It is obviously not just a problem of physical heath, but of mental health, too. An obviously sick man, probably a mortally sick man, has been insisting on his own immortality—that’s nuts. The fact that most people have been willing to take him at his word has been as nutty… The logical answer to what happens at Apple without Jobs is that it dies. What you have, demonstrably, is a company without any managerial wherewithal beyond Jobs; these are Stockholm syndrome people. The big guy is dying and his crew is ready to go with him (taking the shareholders’ money along).

Michael, Steve Jobs still lives and breathes. That fact has obviously driven you to deep despair, you despicable sack of shit.


  1. How does MDN read this crap and not become a drunken lunatic? More power to you guys, because I’m not going to click on that link.

    No wonder MDN needs to be so shrill. They have to respond to so-called experts who lack evidence, intelligence and/or logic.

  2. “Reality doesn’t touch him. It is obviously not just a problem of physical heath, but of mental health, too.” Michael Wolff knows of what he speaks. This guy is really sick.

  3. MDN is my only news source that would call someone a “despicable, miserable sack of shit.” MDN, you have an intelligent audience, we can see Michael Wolff for the hack that he is. Act like a respectable (and unbiased) news source please. We are clearly above Wolff and the tripe he passes as journalism. Let’s act like it.

  4. One has only to watch the D8 video to see how thoughtful, quick, wise, smart, mature, humorous, and *gasp* considerate Steve Jobs has become. He has evolved into a genius WITH incredibly excellent articulation and composure. Earth is so fortunate to have him. A true rare Giant among men.

  5. drbacon,

    MDN tells the truth. Their Takes are interjections of opinion, not “unbiased news,” which, if you had any notable intelligence, you’d know doesn’t exist.

    MDN, of course, keep doing exactly as you’re doing. Most of us are smart enough to appreciate your cutting frankness – that’s exactly why we keep coming back for more!

  6. He keeps asking, Is this good news?

    Yet he never really provides an answer. Apple beats Microsoft in market cap, Apple makes beautiful products, Jobs is powerful.

    Mikey…what is your fsckin point? If you want to paint SJ as evil, then do it moron.

  7. Just another attempt to manipulate AAPL stock. I bet a few people are all set to profit from any fluctuation in stock value this article may cause.

    p.s. @MDN: no need for name calling, even with an article as despicable as the one at hand, which, I admit, does a very good job at name calling, innuendo and plain lies in the most vicious way possible.

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