RUMOR: Apple ‘Magic Trackpad’ leaks ahead of WWDC 2010 Keynote

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“A possible component of Apple’s WWDC unveilings may have been uncovered this morning as a leak has surfaced for what may be the Magic Trackpad,” Electronista reports.

“The design is a literal cross between the ‘no button’ trackpad on MacBooks and the aesthetic of the Apple Wireless Keyboard that would serve as an alternative to a mouse for a desktop,” Electronista reports. “Bluetooth would be certain, but the Engadget tipster didn’t have any more details, including whether it the track would be unveiled today.”

Electronista reports, “The peripheral is consistent with Apple’s gradual push towards finger-driven interfaces and would give desktop Macs the same interface as their notebook counterparts.”

Full article, with photos, here.


  1. damn I just bought a macbook pro to use as a desktop, specificially to use the trackpad with bettertouchtool.

    I could have just bought an iMac and this external trackpad and saved a bit of $$$!

  2. If true, this would support the suggestion that Apple is eventually planning to move the entire desktop (as well as portable) Mac line over to the multi-touch interface of iPhone/iPad/iPod OS. Keyboards and mice are going away, touch screens are replacing them, no more propped up upright screens.

    This is likely what Steve meant when he said ‘PC’ was going away.

  3. I hope you can you this in conjunction with magic mouse. magic mouse left had, track pad gestures left hand.

    There are some gestures even with Better Touch Tool that are not comfortable doing. This will be a great option to have especially since the wireless is small as it is, not much desk space taken up.

  4. <<Comment from: Prediction
    To keep pace with Androids odd naming convention (Droid Incredible) the new device will be called:

    iPhone HD>>

    Uhm, Android has nothing to do with that. Verizon owns the Droid brand, and they are the ones pushing the Droid Incredible.

  5. It could also have a display like the iPhone or iPad. Then you could switch it to different functions. Like a numerical keypad or joystick buttons etc.

  6. Apple’s trackpad is by far the best trackpad on any notebook computer I’ve stroked. Perfect control and added functionality in two- and three-fingered gestures, and it just works.

    Stupidest competitor trackpad idea: “Lets dedicate an approximate space on the side of the trackpad for scrolling. That way, while perusing, the user can be frustrated by random unintended page scrolling action!” Brilliant.

    Thanks Apple. Wink wink.

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