Jim Cramer: Apple iPhone is going to trash Nokia in China

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadOn his Wednesday “Stop Trading!” segment on CNBC, Jim Cramer said he “believes that Apple (AAPL), which to him is one of the cheapest stocks on the market right now, will steal Nokia’s (NOK) thunder in China,” Andrea Tse reports for TheStreet.

“‘They want the iPad and iPhone,’ he explained. ‘Nokia has a huge business in China that will be taken away by the iPhone. Nokia is going to get trashed,'” Tse reports.

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  1. Cramer seems to be on a mission to drive AAPL up these days. But even a small faction of the China mobile phone business will be huge. China Mobile has over half a billion paying subscribers; that’s significantly more than the entire populations of the U.S. and Japan combined.

  2. 3 iPads per second with another 9 countries coming to market within a week and the rest of the world still not even started up (including Korea and China)…

    An Avalanche of unprecedented dimensions.

    If Apple can make ’em, they’ll sell 30 to 40 million iPads this year

  3. @ breeze

    He was misquoted previously. He actually said, “So far, I’d have to say that people seem to be liking iPads. We’ve sold one every three seconds since we launched it.”


    ONE every THREE seconds, not 3 iPads/second. There are 60x60x24x30 seconds in a month (for months with 30 days), which is 2,592,000. So one-third of that number clearly refers to sales of iPad so far, at about one million per month, not his estimate of expected sales going forward. The sales rate will no doubt increase over time, but it won’t get to 3 iPads/second during 2010 (even if Apple could make that many). ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Cramer’s high. The iPhone is crazy expensive here in China. Most every iPhone I see from colleagues are fake ones. VERY FEW Chinese are willing to pay $800 for a phone (that is what they cost here). Very few.

    A fake Chinese iPhone costs $90.

  5. @breeze

    Your math is wrong but it still doesnt make it less impressive.

    Do this with me now…


  6. ken1w:

    OK, even so, extrapolate the numbers, based on I believe it was 1.4+million sold in less than 60 days right here in the USA alone +0.6 million in the recent limited European launch in one+ weeks, Japan, 9 more European countries, soon, China, Korea, the rest of the world, include schools, healthcare, businesses, the entire US and world Enterprise and sales force structure , military and that’s just off the cuff for starters….

    If Apple can make ’em and deliver them this year, 30-40 million iPads is very realistic.

  7. @ macarina

    China supposedly has nearly 800 million mobile phones in use. Even if only 1 in 100 of the people in China who are already paying mobile phone subscribers decided to get a (real) iPhone, that’s 8 million iPhones more sold. And I have a feeling that it will be much better than 1 in 100 over time.

  8. Ken,

    I believe the correct mobile phone user amount here is in the 500 million range. China Mobil has 400 million subscribers and they have 90% of the market. So perhaps in total 500 million.

    Yes that is alot, but my point isnt numbers sold. Rather, the iPhone simply will not be a mainstream item in China. Only those who are SUPER rich can afford an $800 phone. Your average well off Chinese person cant come close to buying an iPhone. I work in an R & D lab with well educated Chinese scientists. Folks who in the US could easily buy an iPhone. None of these folks at my job would ever think of spending $800 on a phone. Not a single one. Their phones are all either Chinese or fake iPhones. $100 is their absolute limit in price.

    The iPhone will never, EVER be used by a non super rich Chinese person.

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