Google dumps Windows for Apple Macintosh

Apple Online Store“Google is phasing out the internal use of Microsoft’s ubiquitous Windows operating system because of security concerns, according to several Google employees,” David Gelles and Richard Waters report for The Financial Times.

“The directive to move to other operating systems began in earnest in January, after Google’s Chinese operations were hacked, and could effectively end the use of Windows at Google, which employs more than 10,000 workers internationally,” Gelles and Waters report. “‘We’re not doing any more Windows. It is a security effort,’ said one Google employee. ‘Many people have been moved away from [Windows] PCs, mostly towards Mac OS, following the China hacking attacks,’ said another.”

Gelles and Waters report, “New hires are now given the option of using Apple’s Mac computers or PCs running the Linux operating system.”

MacDailyNews Take: Why limit employees to PCs running Linux when Macs can run Linux, too (not to mention Microsoft’s horrid Windows)? Smart employers offer employees the world’s only unlimited personal computers, Apple Macs, which can run Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows natively and/or via fast virtualization. Apple Macs run the world’s largest software library.

Gelles and Waters report, “The move created mild discontent among some Google employees, appreciative of the choice in operating systems granted to them – an unusual feature in large companies. But many employees were relieved they could still use Macs and Linux. ‘It would have made more people upset if they banned Macs rather than Windows,’ he added.”

MacDailyNews Take: No, ya think?

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MacDailyNews Take: What we wrote back when Google got hacked:

“Why are the so-called geniuses at Google using the world’s worst browser? If you’re going to test for IE, test the POS in a safe, segregated manner; don’t use it for business.” – MacDailyNews Take, January 15, 2010

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]

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