Rival tablets hope to bite into Apple’s iPad lead

Apple Online Store“The international launch of the iPad at the weekend is set to be swiftly followed by the release of a raft of rival tablet PCs, costing a fraction of Apple’s $500 device,” Chris Nuttall reports for The Financial Times. “Tablets priced at about $100 will be unveiled at Computex in Taiwan, which begins Monday – the first major trade show since the release of the iPad in April.”

MacDailyNews Take: Uh oh, time to cue up “Taps” for iPad (snicker).

Nuttall continues, “Small Asian manufacturers such as Eken, G-Link, Bluesky and Kinstone will all be unveiling their iPad-lite models from Monday. Meanwhile, a $75 tablet is expected next year from manufacturers supporting the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative to provide computers for disadvantaged schoolchildren, while consumers in some countries will be able to take advantage of free tablets from telecoms and TV providers in exchange for subscription contracts.”

“Apple’s products carry a premium and supplies of the iPad have been limited but the low-priced rivals are expected to be plentiful and encourage mass adoption,” Nuttall reports. “Unit shipments of tablet devices are predicted to increase by 230 per cent over the next year, according to the In-Stat research firm, while Deloitte forecasts tens of millions of sales worth more than $2bn by the end of 2011.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s amazing these type of ridiculous articles are still being written.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “CYxodus” for the heads up.]


  1. Make them so cheap they appear as ‘no brainers’ and some will certainly sell where the buyers and users have not seen or handled an iPad.

    Two minutes exposure to an iPad though will kill all thoughts of owning the ‘no brainer.’

  2. It’s like these people have already forgotten the unbelievable price points that Apple hit with the iPad that pretty much delayed any other tablet efforts while those companies figured out how they were going to beat and have any kind of margin.

    Look at what you get for $499!

    That’s not premium pricing, it’s a good price on a premium product.

    Anyone who pays $100 for a thick slab of technological crap deserves exactly what they pay for.

  3. I have to wonder what OS they will be using….. Win CE??….. Win 7 lite, ……. sorry……. had to clean the screen … I laughted so hard I sprayed the screen.. 🙁

    Maybe someone has developed a linux OS developed for touch…

    But is will be good for some simple pads to come out for the under 175$ price point. You know, no profit for the hardware maker, no support, and no apps….

    Just a thought,

  4. Never heard so many companies so eager to go out of business by pricing themselves too low. Hey, if you don’t think your product is good enough to compete, don’t go broke trying. Idiots.

  5. Sooooo, Apple is having trouble keeping up with demand for $500 iPads, but we’re supposed to believe that there are suppliers that can churn out a “plentiful” supply of comparable products for 1/5th the cost?

  6. It amazes me that these people still don’t realise that it’s the operating system more than the hardware that makes the iPad special.

    The iPad hardware is good, 10 hours! But the software/hardware integration is superb. To paraphrase Palm’s CEO: You can’t expect mobile phone makers to just come in and write an operating system.

  7. Like the early days of cell phones — I actually saw one poser pretending a TV remote was a phone. “Ya, I’ll get back to you.” Then tuck it away before anyone gets a good look.

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