iPad madness descends on nine countries (with video)

“Apple’s international fan base greeted the iPad in nine countries Friday morning with the usual hoopla — albeit in different accents and with various degrees of self control,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

Apple Store Munich:

Elmer-Dewitt has assembled iPad launch day videos from Frankfurt, Tokyo, Paris, London, Zurich, Milan and Rome. See them here.

MacDailyNews Take: Bloodbath.


  1. cptnkirk, it is only Friday morning now in Canada. Those videos will come later.

    Keep in mind that aside from these many thousands on lines everywhere, there are many thousands more that got their iPads on line and they are being delivered today!

  2. They you go Microshaft, this is why Apple just breezed past you.

    You made it your sole purpose in life to be associated with work (Office) and to make people hate work needlessly (Vista) while Apple associated itself with leisure (iPods/iTunes et al) and when faced with work made it as painless as possible (OS X).

    Who wants a Baldmer netbook now?

  3. Hey, Microsoft now has TWO great stores open to show how wonderful Microsoft software is…..


    Wait,,,,,,,, Apple just opened up…. 5 NEW stores…

    er update… make that 6,,, no… seven…

    wait…… just wait a second…..

    OK now its 9 NEW stores around the world and I am tired of counting…..

    Just remember… no matter how many stores Apple opens up or how many iPad, iPods, etc they sell Microsoft still has the Zune… Remember that. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Just a thought, (said grinning to one self….LOL)

  4. Feeling sufficiently superior to the rest of us mere mortals now, are you, Sad? How exhaustingly condescending you are, sir or madam. And how truly empty your life must be if you are incapable of enjoying a moment like this with the new iPad. Been to any football games lately? Cheer exuberantly and madly for your favorite, did you?

    No? Wow. One might say that you are to be pitied, not censured, Sad. But for me . . . (and as Bill The Cat would say) . . . Phhhttttttt! (Sorry if I got any on ya’.)

  5. Hi Sad. Not so, this will change so many things from the way young students learn from text and media vs old books with pictures to you filling out forms on the iPad not on paper that is handed to someone to type into their office data base. Even the clip board at the end of your hospital bed will be gone soon.

    “Not an essential piece of life.” How many people still go into town by horse? This changes so many things. You will tell the grand kids that you were there in 2010!

  6. Seriously, can you really say this is happening because Apple has great marketing? Do people line up around the block for a device running Android? Palm? Windows? Could anyone have imagined this ten years ago?

    A whole new “global” generation of people who regularly line up to get into an Apple store.

    I may not have had any money to buy AAPL years ago, but I’m now making my living developing for the iPad — and I love my job! Thanks Apple!

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