Huge lines in Tokyo greet the arrival of Apple’s revolutionary iPad

TV Asahi covers the huge lines in Tokyo for Apple’s revolutionary and magical iPad:

[Attribution: The Wall Street Journal. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. 72% of the smart phones in Japan are iPhones. Soon 95% plus of the tablet market will be iPads. The government in Japan wanted to push away from the Microsoft Windows dominance there. I have to believe that the Mac will be 50% of the PC market. It already far exceeds 50% in USA universities.

    The SS Microsoft Titanic hit the ice and is going down.

  2. Hi Mr Flish. Other than Bill Gates, who would tell Steve Ballmer about this? Someone could slip a note under his door and run. RUN FAST. VERY FAST!

  3. breeze, “The conquest” is more than half over and Microsoft and the others are waking up to this and starting to panic. Example: When the PC box makers realize that the only growth that they had last year was in the netbooks and the iPad just crushed 80% to 95% of that, REALITY IS GOING TO BE HARD TO IGNORE EVEN FOR THE DELUSIONAL.

    What will they do when Steve Jobs talks about the BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM that is now up and running giving Apple 4 to 5 times more server capacity. What is Apple going to do with that? I have many great ideas and Steve Jobs has even more!

  4. Loving this right now. They were warned with the iPod and with the iPhone. Now iPad bloodbath is here and it’s about to get pretty messy. Mothers, fathers, grandmas, grandpas, kids, grandkids everyone will have one of these. And crazy thing is Apple hasn’t even dropped the price yet like they did with the iPods and iPhones. Once that happens the fakes to come can forget it. They need to closed up shop and call it a day. BLOODBATH!!!

  5. In a land where everything is small and orderly, desktop computers, like American military, looked so out of place.

    But the iPad, like the American military, is a god-send and will not be denied.

    The iPad will transform the lifestyle of the Japanese culture in
    ways we can only imagine. This zen-like device will capture the hearts and minds of every student who was told a desktop computer would cramp the home’s lifestyle, or told the laptop has no place in education because of the limitations of the keyboard, can now rejoice.

    The Japanese will lead the way in this devices application. In the marketplace, the assembly lines, education, and it will find its way into Japanese exports.

    I’m expecting a flood of software
    applications, for everything from graphical restaurant menus also used to take food orders, to managing train fares and connections.

    With this device, they will lead and we will follow, just as it was with the transistor.

    iPad sales will eclipse iPhone sales almost immediately

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