Beleaguered Dell to launch ‘Streak’ 5-in. Android device in early June in UK (with video)

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadDell’s press release regarding the launch of their “‘Streak’ tablet” follows, verbatim:

Dell streak tablet entices people to watch, surf, connect, listen, and play on 5” of power and portability

• Streak to launch early June in the UK exclusively on O2 • Available at O2 stores,, The Carphone Warehouse and later next month at • U.S. availability to arrive later this summer

5/25/2010; Bracknell, United Kingdom – Today, Dell released plans for Streak, a 5-inch Android-based Tablet designed to provide people the best “on-the-go” entertainment, social connection, and navigation experience. Early this June the Dell Streak will be available across the UK at O2 stores,, The Carphone Warehouse, and later in the month at Pricing and data plans for the UK will be announced by O2 ahead of availability. Later this summer, Dell plans to make Streak available in the U.S.

The Dell Streak is a compact and powerful companion for people who want to expand their ability to access their digital lives on the go, and realize tomorrow’s technology today. The spacious 5-inch screen is ideal for experiencing thousands of Android Market™ widgets, games and applications, all without squinting or compromising portability. B uilt-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and available 3G connectivity brings easy access for downloading and listening to music, updating social networking status in real-time, and staying connected to friends and family through e-mail, text, IM, and voice calls.

On-the-go students, mobile professionals, and active families will find Streak’s web-browsing capabilities as natural as a laptop. The 5-inch screen is large enough to present Web pages in their natural form, create a comfortable viewing experience, and make turn-by-turn navigation simple and safe. The Dell Streak leverages Qualcomm’s Snapdragon™ solution with integrated 1GHz processor to combine basic functionality, performance, and benefits of a laptop in a pocket friendly size.

“The Dell Streak hits the sweet spot between traditional smartphones and larger-screen tablets,” said Ron Garriques, president, Dell Communication Solutions Group. “Its unique size provides people new ways to enjoy, connect, and navigate their lives.”

The Dell Streak was designed with the future in mind and will support over-the-air updates including platform upgrades, Adobe Flash 10.1 on Android™ 2.2 later this year, video chat applications and other software innovations.

Dell is a member of the Open Handset Alliance™ (OHA), a group of technology and mobile companies working together to accelerate innovation in mobility. Together, the OHA created Android, the first complete, open, and free mobile platform to provide people a richer, less expensive, and better mobile experience.

Key Features:
• Integrated Google Maps with turn-by-turn navigation, street and satellite views
• A full screen browsing experience with a 5-inch capacitive multi-touch WVGA display
• Easily integrated social media apps: Twitter™, Facebook, YouTube
• High resolution 5 MP camera, VGA front facing camera, removable battery, built-in Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity options
• 2GB* of internal dedicated storage provides plenty of space to access and download Google Android Market’s many options
• Packaged with cushions made from 100 percent sustainable, compostable bamboo

MacDailyNews Take: That last one is certainly some “key feature.” (Stupid SOBs deserve their failure.)

• Android platform complete with Android Market and Dell user interface enhancements
• ARM-based Processor: Qualcomm’s powerful and efficient Snapdragon chipset and software platform with integrated 1GHz processor
• 3G + WiFi + Bluetooth
• UMTS / GPRS / EDGE class 12 GSM radio with link speeds of up to HSDPA 7.2 Mbps1 / HSDPA
• 5 MP autofocus camera with dual LED flash. Easy point, shoot, and uploads to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and more
• User accessible Micro SD expandable memory available up to 32 GB2. Store up to 42 movies2 or 32,000 photos2, or 16,000 songs2 with 32GB* Micro SD

Source: Dell

MacDailyNews Take: With a screen that’s just one-fourth the size of Apple’s iPad, this looks to be beleaguered Dell’s try at an “iPod touch killer.” Apparently, Dell will attempt to bore iPod touch to death.


  1. Just another brick in the wall!
    Buy new threads with a pocket big enough for this!!
    Large hands required for ease of use!!!
    Last but not least, if you have an iPhone or iPad, why do you need this?

  2. Now *that’s* a bigger iPod Touch. And removeable battery? So it’s got a cover that cnm break and fall off, and wastes valuable space for fittings that could be used to house a bigger battery.

  3. Unless of course you need it like a hole in your head or is it hole in the wall from where a brick was removed?
    Ps How old will this tech be by the time iPhone 4 is released?
    Quake in your boots all who contemplate buying one before iPhone 4 is released!!!!!!

  4. Even if you are not an Apple product user, why would you trade in your more portable Android phone for this thing? DELL is smart to only release this thing overseas where it can die a quiet death vs. a very loud one here in the USA.

  5. It does multitasking! Did I say it does multitasking? That means you can drain your battery in the background, with an inane widget you forgot was even on your phone, while you’re doing something else that’s important to you and helps you get through your day!

  6. Streak – Unconsciously even Dell realized they are as naked as can be when it comes to any new products on the horizon that can even compete with the rest of the also-rans.

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