Apple’s iPhone 3G disappears from carriers’ websites

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Suspicions that the iPhone 3G is not long for this world would appear to be founded – if UK carriers’ websites are anything to go by,” Register Hardware reports.

“O2, for example, isn’t offering the 3G as an option at all,” Register Hardware reports. “Orange does list the 3G, but if you attempt to order one you’ll be told it’s out of stock. Carphone Warehouse similarly lists the 3G as a possible iPhone choice, but, when pushed, admits it hasn’t got any.”

Register Hardware reports, “The iPhone 4G is expected to be announced on 7 June, introduced on that day by Steve Jobs during his Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote speech.”

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  1. @ Expectations and Original Jake

    Wasn’t the last WWDC all about Snow Leopard? Surely it makes sense for Apple to push the new iPad in lieu of a new Mac OS and help developers move to iPad.

    We don’t need lots more iPhone/touch apps, but the iPad does need more cool apps once the early-adopter/developer purchases slow to ensure the Christmas season is as good for sales as it can be, and to get a bulwark of sales before the Android tablets start swarming like ants.

    The MacOS X, like System 6/7/8/9/Newton/eMate/68K/PPC, will one day disappear, but Apple always gives us an upgrade path. Even iPhone OS will disappear one day. If we wanted to run old software and computers we would buy Dells.

  2. @Expectations

    Let me get this straight, You are in deep depression because of some BS idea you made up in your head?

    You are wrong. Macs are not going away.
    Hey! Why don’t you ask Steve if Macs are demising? Bet his answer would be: No.

  3. @Big Al

    Thanks for the quality of your response. I promise I am not a troll – fat or skinny assed.

    Except for your saying that PC’s suck, the rest of your list doesn’t convince me that Steve isn’t phasing out of the Mac business.

    He has declared Apple to be a “mobile device company”. If that is not what he meant, he should say – or say now – that mobile devices are being added to the company’s main line of business which is making the world’s best computers, running the best and always improving operating systems, all leading to the world’s best experience for those who need computers to run our businesses or produce things.

    The iPad is none of that yet we constantly bombarded with how wonderful the future is with this gadget, hear of it’s “magic” and how “revolutionary” it is and it’s not.

  4. One more thing to make my point.

    The Mac is superior to the PC in every way and, try as they may, MSoft cannot even come close to providing the experience that you can only get on a Mac.

    On the other hand, the mobile device business is very different. As of today, there are several phones that out perform the iPhone. Soon there will be tablets that out perform the iPad. Adding functions and WOW stuff to these gadgets is no big deal – anyone can do it.

    But, the Mac stands alone. So, why don’t we get reassurance from Steve that, even without growth in market share (which he has given up on), 10% or so is big enough to stay in the business.

    Profit margins on the high dollar hardware are terrific. I think Steve is obsessed with pop culture and has lost his vision for serious computing.

  5. @ Expectations

    Two months ago I took delivery of a 27 inch iMac i7 with a 2TB hard drive and 8GBs of ram. This machine is faster than a $10,000 Mac Pro setup that I bought 3 years ago. I don’t know what your ‘expectations’ are but I’d say the Mac line is a top priority and anybody that thinks that Mac’s will ever be phased out is either paranoid or delusional.

    So, you’d have Apple secede from the smart phone and tablet wars and just make desktop computers? They’re all computers my friend and the more market share that Apple obtains in the early years the better.

  6. @ Expectations,

    You’re getting way too hung up on the words Jobs uttered, and you’re finding meaning where there is none.

    Consider the context in which he said “Apple is a mobile devices company. It’s what we do”: The iPad announcement. Big, huge, hairy deal. Lots of anticipation, high expectations. Jobs was establishing their credibility, and saying, we know what the hell we’re doing in this market segment.

    In no way was he saying we’re no longer a computer manufacturer or that he/they don’t care about Macs anymore!

    I’ll flip your challenge on you: If you have any evidence – any at all – that Apple doesn’t care about Macs any more and is focusing only on mobile devices, please offer it up. Because all I see is an awesome product lineup from a very cool company with industry-leading sales, growth, and profits.

  7. Expectations is not a troll?

    Bullsh##. If you are not a troll you are a complete retard and an idiot. The “fear” you express is so crazy that you cannot sound legitimate. Go away.

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