Google’s laughable anti-Apple tantrum: Hubris or fear?

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Okay, one good dig at Apple by Google at its I/O event over the last two days seemed like the right thing to do given their recent bickering over a range of issues,” Kara Swisher writes for AllThingsD.

“Two digs at its rival was probably appropriate,” Swisher writes. “Three, welllll, okay, if you insist.”

Swisher writes, “Unfortunately, the continued verbal jousts at Apple by many Google execs–including CEO Eric Schmidt–onstage at the San Francisco developers conference got tired pretty quickly and soon felt petty and juvenile, and ultimately made Google look needlessly defensive.”

MacDailyNews Take: Needlessly? We beg to differ. Consider two words and Google’s future doesn’t look so bright: “Verizon iPhone.” Without the iPhone being tied to AT&T in the U.S., Android faces the same fate as it does in the rest of the world: Bloodbath. If those two words don’t float your boat, here are two more: “Patent Infringement.” Last quarter, Google generated half the revenue that Apple generated. Apple’s current market value exceeds Google’s by $70 billion. That’s “billion,” with a “b.” Google had better be defensive, at the very least. If they’re not simply consumed by hubris, then their public bluster masks fear.

Swisher continues, “Still, there was Google Engineering VP Vic Gundotra – doing his best imitation of a geek Gary Cooper – noting in this video below that ‘“if Google did not act, we faced a Draconian future in which one man, one company, one device, one carrier would be our only choice. That’s a future we don’t want.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Continuing on with the former Microsoftie Gundotra‘s train of thought: Because then we wouldn’t be able to monopolize mobile advertising, especially as mobile device users seem predisposed to use dedicated apps over random Web search.

Swisher continues, “As they say so eloquently on the ‘Really!?! With Seth and Amy’ segment on Saturday Night Live: ‘Reaaaaaallly!?! Reaaaaaallly!?!'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Google. A bunch of amateurs.

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  1. Google is happy to copy everything Apple does. Will Google be happy when Apple does search? One Sherlock selling point might be respect of privacy. Even a poor Sherlock as default on all Apple devices might gain acceptance and really hurt Google.

  2. jaundiced,

    You have it backwards: With Android, Google is obviously copying Apple’s iPhone (just like everyone else).

    So, Apple has every right to criticize those who knock-off their products (Microsoft, Google, etc.).

    When Microsoft or Google try it against Apple, it falls flat because they owe everything to Apple.

  3. The biggest mistake Google ever made was blowing a great relationship with Apple by crossing the red line of trust and honesty and betraying the personal trust vested in the relationship between the 2 CEOs. That relationship would have handed Google a golden future and kept their image of “do no evil” intact. They can never deny the low level of ethics and loss of public trust, which will for ever liger regarding privacy issues – a critical element needed for a company whose main business is information mining and storage.

    Honesty is good only till proven to be a farce.

  4. MDN is exactly right: Verizon! The other key is The Apple Store. Then there’s that Android is becoming more and more Windows-like every day: shove everything in just for show. Do it and do it fast. Stick it in there! Hey, look what we’ve got!!!

  5. Ha! It’s pretty clear at this point that Android is innovating and Apple is playing catch up. If iphone hits Verizon, it’ll become even more clear that it’s just another phone at this point, when marketed side by side with Android.

  6. “if Google did not act, we faced a Draconian future in which one man, one company, one device, one carrier would be our only choice. That’s a future we don’t want.'”

    I thought he was talking about Adobe

  7. You can never take the lead if you are always following the leader. Apple is the leader through a well-funded R&D;department fueled by innovation and creativity. Until Google or anyone else can do it better, Apple’s place is secure.

  8. Methinks they do protest too much.

    What’s sad here is that Apple’s exclusivity deal with Avoiding Teleconferencing & Tethering is giving Google such an opening. If a Verizon iPhone doesn’t come out soon, Apple’s going to face an uphill battle getting all of the current Android drones to convert. All of their “golden handcuffs” of photo albums, music, contacts, will be locked into Google, making it really hard to switch.

  9. Android is Generic software. There are thousands of phones on the market that compete by shaving costs and every one engineers it’s hardware without regard to QC or specific quality and technical standard. Android therefore is totally unpredictable in it’s implementation and reliability, not to mention Support.

    The seamless integration of software and hardware not only yield Apple revenue from both (while Android yields Google none of those at all) but are critical to the kind of user experience and reliability that make the iPhone and it’s family indispensable and the reason they are taking the world by storm 3 years after the initial release of the iPhone. IPad is just the beginning of Googles worries – Apple has a few more big surprises down the road a ways…

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