Google: Android created to try to stop ‘draconian’ Apple-dominated future

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Android was created precisely to prevent the kind of mobile future Apple is trying to make, Google said in its day 2 I/O conference keynote,” Electronista reports.

“The company’s Vic Gundotra said Android was necessary as, without it, too much control would be put into the hands of Steve Jobs and the iPhone platform,” Electronista reports. “Gundotra didn’t mention Jobs by name but left little mystery that he was being blamed for creating a dystopic mobile environment not unlike the ‘1984’ Apple once criticized. ‘If we did not act, we faced a draconian future where one man, one phone, one carrier was the future,’ he said. ‘That’s a future we don’t want.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Because then we wouldn’t be able to run our ads on it; especially as mobile device users seem predisposed to chose to use dedicated apps over random Web search.

Electronista reports, “Direct jabs at Apple were also strewn throughout the keynote, pointing out either policy or technical limitations in the iPhone and iPad that Android 2.2 would overcome.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve used Android phones. They’re all poor imitations of an iPhone. Using an Android phone after you’ve used an iPhone is both frustrating and humorous. The day Apple flips the switch on Verizon, is the day Google dreads. In countries where iPhone is available on multiple carriers, people don’t settle for Android-based fake iPhones.

Remember when people thought Google was innovative?


  1. The only reason Google doesn’t want the “one man, one phone, one carrier” future was because they wouldn’t be the one search engine everyone was using.

    Sure, Google wants “many men, many phones, many carriers” all using Google search.

  2. Choice is always good for competition in a market, but sometimes a company or product dominates for the right reason: it is superior to the other options.

  3. Oh my — they did the whole Android thing as a benevolent gesture! WOW — how can anyone dislike Google after they acted so unselfish? All of you naysayers should be ashamed. Okay, granted, Google gave the world a POS so we had an alternative to Apple, but what is important is why they did it! Purely out of love!

  4. Notice how M$ is regulated to footnote status. They are irrelevent at this point. It’s all Apple vs. Giggle now. Chairs be a flyin’.

    Good advertising for Apple, especially after that demo they gave.

    Competition is good. Apple will need to drive innovation even harder now.

    But Giggle IS the new M$ and draconian practices are truly thriving with them.

  5. As it turns out Android was created to prevent Microsoft, a THEN direct competitor, from owning mobile and locking out Google. Instead they picked a fight with the industry’s lead innovator, and it’s turning into a lose-lose. Apple needs to settle with inferior search (likely Bing) to compete and Google needs to settle for inferior hardware, not to mention untold R&D;expenses.

  6. What gets me is Google just watched Microsoft fail at the many phones, many models, many carriers, many sizes, many UIs and many shapes and now they’re trying the same thing and expecting different results.

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