Why Apple’s Mac sales are up so dramatically

Apple Store“I have some theories on why Mac sales are up,” Renee Oricchio blogs for Inc. “My guess is that all of them are at least a little bit true adding up to a perfect storm of wicked sales figures for April [according to NPD, Mac sales are up 39% for the month].”

Oricchio’s theories:

1. The new Mac Book Pro [sic] also came out about the same time.

MacDailyNews Take: Correct (except for the product name).

2. Apple lowered the prices of their Macs (ding, ding, ding!)

MacDailyNews Take: They did?

3. Could it be that people thought they wanted an iPad, saw what it couldn’t do and just said, ‘What the hell, I’ll just buy a Mac’ instead? Could it be that as great as iPad’s sales were that a lot of people found it was a short enough walk to just spend the money and get an exponentially more powerful device?

MacDailyNews Take: Wrong. Sure some people might have gone iPad to Mac, but not enough to goose April Mac sales so dramatically. We’ll hazard a guess that, based on her explanation, Renee doesn’t have an iPad nor is it likely that she’s ever spend any time at all, certainly not more than 5 minutes, with an iPad. What’s more likely to have affected Mac sales is that people waited a bit on their Mac purchases to see what iPad could do before figuring out which Mac model would best complement their new iPads. We’re still working that one out ourselves.

4. A lot of people are upgrading their PC’s, after waiting three years for Windows 7. Perhaps, again, at that moment of truth when making the purchase that a significant number of people said, “What the hell, I’m buying a Mac after all.”

MacDailyNews Take: Hope springs eternal that computer buyers will finally wise up en masse.

Oricchio writes, “Bottomline [sic]: the Mac is doing well because it is a time-tested beloved product. We’re still slogging our way through this “jobless recovery.” People are starting to spend a little money again. But they are doing so much more cautiously and wisely. It makes sense to invest in a product you know and trust. I think that’s why Mac sales are up (and the price drop didn’t hurt, Cupertino!).”

MacDailyNews Take: Good enough “bottomline” theory, but what “price drop” is she talking about?


  1. I’m with MDN on this one.

    Mac sales are up because the word is out that Apple makes the best computers. Are they a little more expensive compared to the cheapest PCs? Yes, but they are not the same level of performance and quality. Not everyone will use an iPad all day long as a computer. We still need traditional notebook and desktop PCs. That’s why Mac is up. The iPad excitement gets people to also consider the Mac line.

  2. “Good enough “bottomline” theory, but what “price drop” is she talking about?”

    Sssshhh! Don’t tell ’em, if people think they’re on sale, they’ll buy more of them!

  3. I think the more people go Mac, they tell their friend about the experience. At least that’s the case with me. I’ve converted at least four families

  4. This article can’t be right.

    I mean, all the Win-Bloggers are saying that Mac sales are up simply because of Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field, and duped consumer morons, and people paying extra for the stylish Apple logo, and because of Apple’s vaguely hinted-at illegal and monopolistic activities that forces people to buy Apple computers, and because of Apple’s closed eco-system, and Apple’s hype machine, and it’s a rounding error, and, and, um, because people are buying computers that they don’t want to do real work with.

    Yeah, those are the reasons Apple’s Mac sales are up. (Did I miss anything?)

    And I know that’s true because the Win-Blogosphere said so!

  5. All the iPad publicity couldn’t hurt, though — it brings the curious into Apple’s stores, and some of them end up buying Macs (maybe along with an iPad or two).

  6. Possible scenario for the price drop being mentioned:

    step 1: she thought Macs were really, really expensive
    step 2: she goes an checks the prices
    step 3: they are way lower than she expected
    step 4: there must have been a price drop, because her being wrong about Mac pricing all these years is not likely to be a thought entering her head…

    just to clear things up…

  7. you can thank microsoft for reminding people in their commercials that if you want a sexy and cool (but expensive) computer you buy an Apple. But if you want CHEAP, then you buy something else. Who wants a Porsche when you can have the pride of owning something CHEAP like a Yugo?

  8. overheard a couple of dads at the hockey rink last week talking about computers – one guy told the other not to buy a PC. said he just got a Mac about 3 months ago and would never buy another POS PC again! said his kid got a Mac about a year ago and convinced him to get one when his PC died. said it was the best move he ever made – a little more expensive, but worth every penny!
    folks are listening to their kids and finally figuring out that Macs just work!

  9. The real answer is that a Critical Mass level is being approached and it is going to hit the PC world like a ton of bricks.
    Suddenly the sheep (80%) are all going to be buying Macs because “that’s what everyone else is doing”.
    Apple is going to have a hard time keeping things in stock this fall and Christmas season.

  10. Of course there was a price drop. Every time Apple offers a more powerful computer at a specified price point (the $999 Mac Book getting a 5% boost in processor power, for example), the price of the computer “drops”. It’s still $999, but you are getting 5% more, thus …
    And, yeah, a lot of folks came in to buy an iPad, saw the Macs and decided to buy one while ordering a back-logged iPad. Makes sense.
    The price argument is still with us? OK. Let’s say it again. The price of a low-end PC is well below that of a “low-end” Mac. That said, the “low-end” Mac will do more than a similarly-priced PC. Maybe stuff you need to do, maybe stuff you want to do, maybe stuff you want to try, maybe stuff you think you want to try. If “none of the above, maybe you can save money with the PC. Just remember the “PC Tax” imposed by A/V vendors and pimply-faced kids willing to clean up the mess the A/V apps miss.

  11. Macs are 2X (pushing 3X) more expensive than PC’s. That’s because some PC’s are so bloody cheap. The price difference is more than $200 which is typically stated. I have seen W7 notebook and desktops (not netbooks) for $500. New! No matter how you look at it the math dont lie. MacBooks are 2X more expensive than PC’s even though the price difference is $500. Hey, $500 is a lot of money.

    Maybe sales are up because there is a difference between an iPad and a computer and YOU NEED A COMPUTER TO INITIALIZE AN iPAD (this is brilliant). What better computer is there to initialize an iPad than a Mac.

    And then there is Mobile Me. What better service is there to sync the two?

    I have 4 devices and they are all sync’d. That’s impressive. Can PC’s do that? If this is becoming a mobile world then Apple is the right company at the right time. SJ is brilliant.

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