‘Hulu Plus’ app coming to Apple iPad, but when?

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Last month, The Los Angeles Times said Hulu was set to roll out a subscription service ‘as soon as May 24,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD. “That’s next Monday. But people familiar with the company say there’s no way a Hulu Plus will be up and running by then.”

“When will the long-discussed premium service be ready? I don’t know,” Kafka reports. “I’m still not entirely convinced that the joint venture–owned by News Corp.’s Fox, Disney’s ABC and GE’s NBC–has completely settled on terms of the plan, though I think they’re agreed on the broad strokes: $10 a month, for access to a deeper catalog of broadcast shows plus access to the service on devices like Apple’s iPad. (Regular Hulu, which is on a pace to generate $200 million in advertising this year, remains free).”

Kafka reports, “One person familiar with the company’s plans tells me the new service will be ‘revolutionary.'”

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  1. boxee, hulu. used to be nice on a hacked AppleTV but now boxee no longer supports all the networks they had before ie. cbs, cs, nbc, hulu, cw, etc. Boxee is finished and I won’t pay Hulu for reruns with imbedded ad’s. these co.’s are so limited in their vision and protective of their content they will not succeed. Apple will eventually convince the media moguls to offer an a la carte subscription through Itunes and it will be another game changer.

  2. Their best bet, I believe, would be to offer both a paid and free iPhone app / service. The paid service can add new content, while the free service has the current content on Hulu. This is their best way to proliferate.

  3. Hulu’s base idea was great. One LEGIT place to watch REPLAYS of old episodes of your chosen show. You have to bear with 30sec ads. Thats ok with lots of people, but come one charge and still have to watch ads, we already get screwed that way with cable companies.

    This whole milking the cow for every penny has to stop.

    I say the next great revolution should people should stop watching TV and fuck these cable companies up and start reading again. They can’t get their money if no will watch.

  4. Hopefully Apple is looking at replacing the monthly cable bill with the DVR / TiVo recordings with a TV on demand. You don’t need to record anything when there is a copy in the cloud in the sky. Apple would need to have a huge BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM if they wanted to offer that service. MUCH LIKE THE BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM APPLE FINISHED THIS YEAR IN MAIDEN, NORTH CAROLINA!

  5. You know a BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM could stream to Macs, AppleTV, iPads, iPhones, iPods, … The one in Maiden is 4 or 5 times larger than the one that Apple uses now in CA!

  6. Maybe Steve Jobs has a plan that dominates the home entertainment market. Maybe! What would Steve do with a BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM that Apple does not talk about. Another Apple secret? Another “Just one more thing” is coming! Didn’t he focus one of the big MacWorld shows about the Home Entertainment market that Apple wants just 2 or 3 years ago.

  7. I only pray this is available in Canada. Or available only to US iTunes accounts, but works all over the world. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    I dream too big.

    On a side note, $10/month is a perfectly reasonable price for on-demand, popular programming with a few 30 second commercials thrown in. I subscribed to Digital HD Cable for a couple months…. Nothing on, $75 month.

    On Demand programming for 1/7 the cost, with fewer commercials? BAM! Sexy Chihuahua.

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