Video hosting site Viddler launches HTML5 beta (with video that everyone can see)

“Behind the scenes we have been working on HTML5 support,” Robert Sandie, Viddler co-founder and President, reports via The Viddler Blog.

Now, “it’s open for public beta for business and partner accounts,” Sandie reports. “[Uses] can convert account at”

“This beta includes an additional iPhone/iPad encode as well as a non-javascript embed code that delivers flash first, HTML5 second,” Sandie reports. “As far as we know this embed code is first of it’s kind on a video platform, which is one of the reasons why this is starting as a beta.”

MacDailyNews Note: You Tube has been doing something similar (identifying iPhone OS use and delivering HTML5 H.264 video to those lucky users) for at least a few weeks now, but uses javascript code to do so. With the video below, non-iPhone OS users with the bloated, inefficient, proprietary Flash plug-in should get their CPUs pegged and their fans revving with the video delivered via lazy Adobe’s proprietary, inefficient Flash plug-in, while iPhone OS users (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) will see it via plug-in free, open standard HTML5.

Robert Sandie explains how Viddler’s HTML5 beta works:

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Have a nice day, lazy Adobe ingrates. grin

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chris H.” for the heads up.]


  1. Everyone, that is, except those of us at work still stuck on IE6 in WinXP. 5 days a week I’m stuck in a literal nightmare.

    MDN Magic Word: “brown” as in How now brown cow?

  2. Even when I’m not playing the video, Flash is running for those stupid ads. I don’t mind ads, I just don’t like ads the move when I’m trying to pay attention to a static page.

    I wish one of those people that does this sort of thing, would sit down and figure out how much computer time was being wasted all over the world by computers that would otherwise be idle, playing flash animation that no one wants to see. Then I wish one of those people that like to do such things would in turn somehow convert this to energy being wasted, and consequently (cough, don’t laugh) Co2 emissions! Ha ha.

    Then we could point out how un-green Flash is.
    Flash burns fossil fuel.

  3. Hi MDN peeps. I’m the Technology Evangelist for Viddler.

    Sorry that MDN embedded this video in Flash only (that is probably our fault for not providing our new embed code to them easily). This video can be watched via iPad/iPhone through this link or downloaded here. And, our brand new embed code (which we’re beta testing) automatically falls back to the MP4 version of the video when Flash isn’t present. So those of you with ClickToFlash installed for Safari and/or browsing via iPad/iPhone would automatically see the video without Flash.

    Hopefully we’ll work through this beta period very quickly and will be able to release the embed code through our site, our player, and elsewhere so that those that don’t want to use Flash anymore can choose to watch Viddler and our customer’s videos anyway.

    Thanks everyone and thanks MDN.

  4. pretty snazzy syntax. They are using an html5 video tag, embedded inside an object tag, inside a flash object tag. Browsers that recognize flash will render flash, or else render the html5 video as a fallback, all without javascript or browser/platform detection.

    I’ve experimented with similar techniques, but then decided to use javascript instead. I was able to make the html DRY (no repetitive information) and generate the flash object tag only if needed. Users without javascript could still see the html5 video, but not flash.

  5. loloontheair
    In flash of course!

    Uuuuh dude, unless my iPhone suddenly and spontaneously plays flash video, it ain’t it flash here…

    (ie: at least attempt to load it in a browser (iPad/iPod/iPhone) that dosen’t support flash) before posting gibberish)

  6. @ Colin Devroe

    So those of you with ClickToFlash installed for Safari and/or browsing via iPad/iPhone would automatically see the video without Flash.

    I have ClickToFlash, all I got on this page was the C2F box, no video.

    You may want to have your folks take a look into that.

  7. qka ,
    No, you have to -NOT have- a flash plugin. That is not how Flash blocker works, it is just a proxy for flash (then allows selective loading to the actual plugin), the site still reads you as “flash enabled”
    You need to disable the flash plugin (flash blocker does NOT do this)

  8. If Click2Flash was aware of this technique, it could easily detect the HTML5 video and play it without flash. Perhaps in their next update?

    The way Click2Flash is now, you would have to completely remove the flash plugin to to see this video in HTML5.

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