New features, including file sharing, uncovered in iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“We just installed the newly released iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 and found quite a few changes,” Michael Bettiol reports for The Boy Genius Report. “There are a lot of minor things like how the background of the multitasking interface matches the background in the iPad’s browser, but [there are also] big new changes…”

New features in iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3:
• File Sharing
• Media Player Widgets
• Multitasking: Closing Apps simplified
• Software Orientation Lock

Full article with screenshots and more info here.


  1. Bluetooth seems more stable too. I had issues with music via. Bluetooth headphones seemed to skip when pressing play a few times. Also calls over Bluetooth have cleared up “occasionally fuzzy is beta2”

  2. Actually, another step closer to the new desktop OS. Mac OS X will most likely live to see one more feline iteration. After that, we’ll be treated to yet another migration (just like 68k to PPC, System 9 to OS X, PPC to Intel, 32bit to 64bit…). This time, it will be accompanied by mouse-less keyboard-less iMacs, MacBooks and MBPs. Just like having an optional full-size wired keyboard today, you’ll have an option to buy a keyboard with your touchscreen keyboard-less Mac.

  3. The point is, you likely won’t need it, just like you don’t need it on an iPad.

    These are all small signs of a major shift that’s on its way. Five more years at most, and Apple won’t be putting mice and keyboards in their computer boxes (and I’m not talking about BYOKVM Mac mini).

  4. Glad they changed the background for the multi-tasking bar and folders. Looks clean and seamless, unlike that rubbery crap they had before. I feared we’d have to wait for iPhone 5.0 at the earliest before we could see it change.

  5. Could we move iPod/iPhone/iPad/Apple TV sync off of iTunes and onto a dedicated app? Tasking iTunes to be all things and do all things is turning iTunes into a massive KLUDGE.

    I suggest iSync be retooled to handle all of this.

  6. Dancing on grave! Don’t get me wrong, I love my MBP, my mini, my iMac. But they are simply really good iterations of very old archetypes. In with the new!

  7. @Feature Request:

    so WITH YOU.

    Split iBooks off.
    Split Video (movies, TV) off and name (iShows?)
    Split App Store
    Leave Audio on iTunes.

    Move syncing for all of these onto iSync, which will also handle data.

    Watch Nathan do a silly happy dance.

  8. File sharing, as it is currently implemented (on the iPad), is clumsy and less straightforward as it should be. I know things evolve, but I’m surprised that Apple released it the way it is. But I know they’ll make it better! They always fix things! Like that 7 year-old “hide on start up” bug that won’t allow Mail to hide on start up…

  9. In all the excitement about OS 4.0, looks like what may be the newest and biggest feature set has fallen by the wayside of discussion….Video conferencing functionality.

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