New email from Apple CEO Steve Jobs promises full HTML5 support for Safari ‘soon’

Mac Sale + FREE Shipping“The desktop version of Safari should ‘soon’ get full HTML5 support, Apple CEO Steve Jobs reportedly claims in a new e-mail,” MacNN reports.

“The browser, available for Mac and Windows, is still lacking many of the components of the HTML5 specification, including drag-and-drop, geolocation and inline SVG,” MacNN reports. “Several of these have been added to the latest beta of Google Chrome, rendering Safari outdated.”

MacNN reports, “The last major desktop version of Safari, Safari 4, was released on June 8th last year; this could suggest that Apple will time an update for this year’s WWDC, scheduled to begin on June 7th.”

Full article, with links to Jobs’ email, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. so… how do we know any of these emails from SJ are actually real?

    I mean, how hard would it be to just fabricate an email reply and spread the story? it’s not like these are ever authenticated officially by Apple…

    (not necessarily this one, just a general observation)

  2. I think going through the Pancreatic Ca ordeal (Whipple Procedure) & the Liver Transplant wait & recovery has loosened Steve Jobs up. He’s much more public now and that’s a good thing.
    If Steve (Hi) or anyone lurking the Macweb for him sees this tell him Thanks. The more open approach is a good one. Just don’t do Barbara Walters or Oprah- that would be too much.

  3. HTML5 is still a Working Draft. According to the W3C timetable, it is estimated to reach W3C Recommendation by late 2010.

    Since they are unlikely to make any major revisions to HTML5 at this point, I suppose it is possible for Safari to fully implement it soon. It still sounds weird though.

  4. There needs to be a housecleaning on Safari.

    Its lagging behind, and being out-innovated by Google. Why is Safari now a laggard? What the hell is going on with the browser team.

    Jobs, kick some butt and move some folks out if need be, but FIX IT.

  5. @x

    Safari and Chrome are all based on Webkit. So all Apple has to do is compile Safari with the latest webkit sources and presto!

    Perhaps they are adding some other things in the new version.

    Like Steve often says: “not a big deal”.

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