Apple adds WAPI Wi-Fi to China iPhone

Apple Online Store“Apple appears to have tweaked its iPhone to support a Chinese security protocol for wireless networks, as companies increasingly adopt Chinese government-backed technologies to break into the country’s huge market,” Owen Fletcher reports for PCWorld.

“The move suggests Apple may soon launch a new version of the iPhone in China with Wi-Fi, a feature that regulations previously barred,” Fletcher reports. “Chinese regulators last month approved the frequency ranges used by a new Apple mobile phone with 3G and wireless LAN support, the Web site of China’s State Radio Monitoring Center shows. The device appears to be an iPhone and uses GSM and the 3G standard WCDMA, just like iPhones currently offered in China by local carrier China Unicom.”

Fletcher reports, “Apple removed Wi-Fi on the iPhones now sold in China because regulators there began approving mobile phones with WLAN support only last year — and only if they supported a homegrown Chinese security protocol called WAPI (WLAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure).”

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  1. @almux,
    Don’t talk like a buffoon. There is no comparison between the legislative/judicial checks on the U.S. government and the complete lack of any checks on the authoritarian Chinese government. If you have slightest doubt about that, live over there for a few months and get a dose of reality.

  2. This is not a big deal as the Chinese standard has not really been adopted by consumers, or at many wifi installations. The international wifi standard is everywhere. The Chinese will continue to get their phones from outside China in huge numbers unless the new iPhone carries both standards/radios. Chinese consumers do not want a device that doesn’t work outside of China which is what WAPI only phones are – a deadend. WAPI is a failure.

  3. China gov’t stinks!! Most Chinese people are good but needs to be “free”.
    … Get Out of Tibet you dogs!

    Beware Apple of only getting profits and “outing” protesters later on using the china iPhone. I hope the black market for the real iPhone gets stronger!!!

    AAPL profits also means higher export to China which is good for USA.
    What other US company has high export potential in China?

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